Is Feng Shui a belief or superstition?

Many people and feng shui beginner has some concerns about feng shui. Some people think feng shui is a belief or superstition. Firstly, we want to tell you that feng shui is not belief and superstition. It is natural ” social science.

feng shui

In china, the recordable feng shui principle can be track back to thousands years ago. Feng shui is based on natural environment and social science. Feng shui is study of harmony between human and surround living environment. Ancient people use feng shui ways to determine the building location and door’s position and so on. The purpose is achieving the harmony between human and living environment per feng shui ways. Meanwhile thousands years history and evolution of feng shui also proved that feng shui is natural ” social science. Many feng shui experts are studying feng shui around of the world; many feng shui tips are still used in modern society for better life.

So Feng Shui is definitely not a superstitious belief. It is about improving ” harmonizing the Chi (feng shui energy) in the environment by correct application of Feng Shui. Feng shui can help you achieve better fortune and success in your destiny. Meanwhile you need to know that feng shui is not just purchasing and placing some feng shui products in home or office, you can apply many feng shui tips without any spending.

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