Uncover the porch of the decorated house and the taboo of Feng Shui

The of the porch has become a mainstream element in the decoration design of the house. Many people will decorate the porch at home. After all, there are many effects of the porch. For example, the porch can decorate the environment, protect privacy, and help the home gather wealth and prosper, turn evil spirits, etc., but there are many taboos in the decoration of the porch. Do you know about it

the porch is airtight

according to Feng Shui, the design of the porch is best to be virtual at the top and solid at the bottom. Such a design can not only act as a partition and shelter, but also not completely block the circulation of air and the operation of the Qi field; But if your porch is very dense and completely airless, like a airless wall, then such porch decoration design touches the taboo in Feng Shui. After all, Feng Shui believes that the airtight porch will completely block the circulation of the gas field in the home, which will lead to a certain impact on the gas receiving of the home. In this way, the impact on the Feng Shui gas field of the home is also particularly significant, and may even lead to the dead of the home, the weak gas field, lack of vitality and so on

hanging mirrors in the porch

the mirror is a very bad pattern to the door. When the mirror is opposite to the door, it will not only scare the door god away, but also cause the God of wealth to arrive at the door and dare not enter the house. It can be seen that the pattern of the mirror to the door will damage the feng shui of the home, affect the safety of the family, and lead to the family’s bad fortune! Therefore, in any case, mirrors can not be placed at the position of the entrance door. It is also true that in the decoration of the porch, if reflective materials are used, such as mirrors and glass; Or a mirror is hung on the porch. Such decoration design violates the theory of Feng Shui and has a great impact on home feng shui

the porch is too high and too low

about the decoration of the porch, we also need to pay attention to the size of the porch, such as the size and height of the porch! Generally speaking, the height of the porch should not be too high. However, the height of the porch is too high, more than two meters, and even connected to the ceiling. Such porch design must not meet the requirements of Feng Shui! Because the entrance is too high, it will form a sense of oppression, which will cause the family to feel pressure once they get started. It will be harmful to the family’s nerves for a long time. From the perspective of Feng Shui, this design also oppresses the family’s luck, which will lead to bad luck, career obstruction and bad luck in all aspects. Of course, if your porch is too short and the height of the porch is very short, the design of such porch is not in line with Feng Shui! Although too low porch will not have a sense of oppression, too low porch will lead to non gathering of Qi field, which will affect home feng shui

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