Kitchen location and Feng Shui of commercial buildings

How important is the feng shui of the kitchen? I don’t need to elaborate, because the feng shui of the kitchen is too important for us, so we can’t ignore the feng shui of the kitchen. The feng shui of the kitchen should not only pay attention to the layout, but also pay attention to a lot of Feng Shui in location, which we can’t ignore. In Feng Shui, what is the kitchen location and Feng Shui of commercial buildings? Let’s see what the relevant articles say

I. The Kitchen plays a very important role in a family. Especially in terms of Feng Shui, it pays more attention. Is it good for the kitchen to be in Feng Shui in the northeast corner?? In geomantic omen, the kitchen located in the direction of Chou Yin in the northeast is auspicious, and the direction of Gen is fierce, because it is earth in the due northeast and the northeast is back to Yang, with moisture and cold northeast wind. It is called ” Table ghost door ” ;. So the kitchen is in the northeast corner. Feng Shui is not very good

II. The kitchen is in the middle of the house. Feng Shui affects people. Living in this kind of house is very harmful to their health. They will get sick after living for a long time. If you want to live in the living room, you will have a lot of oil smoke. If you want to live in the kitchen, it will affect your health

III. It is auspicious for the kitchen to sit in the direction of evil, East and south. The kitchen is an area with more water. It is an unfavorable room in Feng Shui, but it also has the function of suppressing the evil spirit of evil. Placing the kitchen in an insignificant or dangerous place is beneficial to the residents. The kitchen is located in the east or south, which is more auspicious for family life

IV. if the kitchen is in the crouching position, the whole family will be disturbed. People in the family will be ill and in poor health. There are many disputes at home, and men are prone to having an affair. In terms of physical health, it will affect people’s heart, eyes, skin, blood circulation, throat, lung, bone, hemorrhoids and other problems

v. the kitchen should not be located in the west of the house. The main fire is golden, and the main family has repeated luck. The kitchen should not be located in the southwest of the house, and the southwest is sick land, which is easy to lead to diseases from the mouth, which is unfavorable to the health of the family. For low rise residential buildings, they should also be arranged on the first floor, and there should be an entrance and exit directly (or through the restaurant) to the outside, so as to facilitate life organization and close neighborhood relations. At the same time, the relationship with backyard, livestock enclosure and biogas digester should also be considered

VI. the kitchen is the place where we cook in our home. Generally speaking, it is dirty, so we should pay more attention to the directions that can not be polluted in the design. The food has a fresh-keeping period, which should be comprehensively considered in the layout. Moreover, from the perspective of Feng Shui, the kitchen belongs to fire. In this way, according to the consideration of the above factors and the five element attributes of all directions, In this way, we can choose which direction the kitchen is best

VII. The kitchen should not be located in the absolute life position: the kitchen should not be located in the absolute life position. The advantage of the kitchen in the absolute life position is that the women in the house are not good for the family, and the children in the family are often ill in the absolute life position in the kitchen

Feng Shui in the kitchen has many matters that we must understand. After all, the kitchen is related to the wealth, health and fortune of the family. However, many people often pay attention to the internal layout of the kitchen, but ignore the location of the kitchen. However, they do not know that the location of the kitchen has a great relationship with the Feng Shui in the kitchen, and the above is the relevant articles compiled by Fstips

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