Restaurant chandelier Feng Shui layout

Chandelier is a common lighting in a family, especially in restaurants. In home life, it is generally used in the living room and dining room, and the lamps are generally not installed at will. In addition to the layout, many people also consider Feng Shui and collocation. How many Feng Shui are the restaurant chandeliers? How to match restaurant chandeliers

the odd number of lights in the home is better, but when the spotlight is illuminated in a flat row, it should be noted that three lights should not be used side by side, so as not to be similar to three incense and form a bad meaning

the chandelier group should be singular

some houses have large living rooms or large public places, which need several chandeliers. How to choose? You can consider decorating it with some small chandeliers. Each chandelier should have a switch so that you can open up a smaller or larger light space as needed. From the perspective of metaphysics, special attention should be paid to: the chandelier group is best to be singular, and it is appropriate to buy three or five chandeliers

restaurant chandelier

the warmest and most pleasant moment of the day is to sit around the table with your family at night and enjoy a rich dinner. Warmth, happiness and satisfaction permeate every family member’s face. To create a relaxed, warm and loving restaurant, the role of chandeliers is particularly important. The choice of restaurant chandelier is reflected in the whole and details

most restaurant chandeliers are hung above the dining table, and their brightness directly affects the diner’s vision and dining mood. Therefore, choosing a chandelier that can adjust the brightness according to the occasion and environment is far more practical than a chandelier with only one function

see the taboo of Feng Shui of three head chandeliers in restaurant lamps

(I) it’s best not to choose pure white lampshade. In Feng Shui, the restaurant decorated with pure white lampshade gives people a sense of decline, because the selection of funerals is white candles, so in this sense, there is a taboo. In the feng shui of three chandeliers of restaurant lamps, if you want to choose such a style, you should avoid the use of white, so as to bring the healthy Feng Shui of your family

if you want to make this restaurant look romantic, pink and purple can also bring this effect. Or you can work hard on the decoration of the restaurant. The placement of a bunch of roses and the decoration of a bunch of lilies will bring romance to the restaurant

(II) the choice of color should conform to the fate attribute of the home owner. In the three head chandelier Feng Shui of restaurant lamps, we should not only consider the comfort of the test, but also consider the inconsistency with the fate of the home owner, because there are many suitable colors, coupled with the characteristics of five elements, we will narrow the scope of choice, so that we can eliminate the adverse effects on health Feng Shui

(III) the shape of the chandelier should conform to the smooth characteristics, so that there will be no sharp corners, which will not bring harm to our health. No matter what shape or material of the chandelier, as long as there is no sharp corner, it will bring us a sense of security, and it is also a good performance of Feng Shui in Feng Shui. In the feng shui of the three head chandelier of restaurant lamps, We can see that this feature is reflected in the effect in the figure above

White candle chandeliers should not be used on the dining table

some chandeliers are composed of several candle shaped tubes. Although the design is novel and has ornamental value, if it is hung on the dining table, it seems that white wax candles of different lengths are stacked on the dining table, which is not a good sign. Because the white candle is a symbol of funeral, the consequences of putting it in the same place of eating can be imagined. Therefore, we must try our best to avoid rabbits, but candles of other colors are not harmful

the table texture should not be marble and glass

the table made of marble and glass is hard and cold. Although it has a strong sense of art, it is not conducive to the sitting and communication of diners because it is easy to quickly absorb the energy generated by human diet, so it should not be used for the main table. The dining table is most forbidden to have sharp corners. The more sharp the angle is, the sharper the urination is. Because the triangular table will lead to family discord, the health of the family will be damaged, and the prismatic table will lead to money leakage. As for those wavy water-shaped dining tables, although they are inconsistent with the tradition, they can be reluctantly selected because they have no sharp corners

the dining table and chair should not be pressed by the lamp

because when someone is sitting, the lamp pressure head will naturally form, which will sound the activity of thinking and is not conducive to the development of career. The dining table should not face the door directly. It is easy to leak money. Residential Feng Shui pays attention to ” Like to whirl and avoid going straight ” , If there is an attack, it will lead to the easy release of the vitality of residents, and feng shui will be greatly affected. If the dining table is in line with the door, standing outside the door, you can see a family eating, which is by no means appropriate. The dining table should not be facing the kitchen. The kitchen often emits oil fume and the temperature is relatively high. The dining table is opposite, which is harmful to the health of his family, such as psychological conditions such as upset and grumpy

how to match restaurant chandeliers

  1. The material, color and shape of restaurant lights must be coordinated with the decoration design style of furniture and the overall space. The modern style dining table with pure glass and simple lines is better matched with the chandelier with glass and stainless steel lampshade. Such as a chandelier with outer glass and embedded columnar colored crystal, decorated with pink, light green and lake blue crystals, the small lamp beads are hidden in the crystal, just like three glasses of adjusted juice being magically suspended in the air. If you use three layers of plastic chandeliers in a restaurant, you don’t think they are as big as a small chandelier

  2. Open style restaurants are often connected with the living room or kitchen. Therefore, the lighting style selected should take into account the room decoration style connected with it, either modern, classical, Chinese or European. If it is a stand-alone restaurant, the selection and combination of lamps and lanterns can be arbitrary, as long as they are coordinated with the overall style of furniture. In short, different lamps will show different light and shadow effects due to different structures and installation positions. In the matching of lamps, lamps need to be selected according to personal eating habits and the actual placement of tables, chairs and tableware, showing a rich sense of hierarchy

  3. If the restaurant is spacious enough, it is an ideal way to choose chandelier as the main light source and wall lamp as auxiliary light. For example, combining the low hanging chandelier with the inlaid lamp on the ceiling can also provide local lighting for the dining table on the premise of meeting the basic lighting of the space. Good lighting design can set off the atmosphere of the restaurant, enhance family harmony, and add a lot of color to the decoration of the restaurant

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