The living room carpet is exquisite in Feng Shui

As a kind of ground decoration, carpet is more and more loved by people, and it is much warmer to put a carpet on the ground in winter. But the carpet is also particular about feng shui, especially the living room carpet. As the floor decoration of the most important area of the home, we still need to pay attention to some! So, what about Feng Shui in the living room carpet

selection of living room carpets in different directions

1. The door opens to the South: because the south is fire, the lucky color is red, so the carpet pattern placed in the south is straight stripe or star, and the color is red, which can make the family full of energy, conducive to Feng Shui and bring the effect of fame and wealth

2. The gate opens to the North: because the north is in charge, the lucky color is blue. A round or wavy round blue carpet can be placed in the north of the living room, which can increase career luck and facilitate the vigorous development of career

3. The gate is opened in the East and Southeast: because the five elements in this direction belong to wood, the color of transportation is green, and the green carpet with straight stripes is of vital significance and has a positive catalytic effect on family transportation and financial transportation

4. The gate opens in the southwest and Northeast: because the five elements in this direction belong to the soil, the color of Kaiyun is yellow. Yellow symbolizes dignity and wealth in China. At the same time, this position is the symbol of leading wisdom and marriage. If you can put a yellow carpet with star shape or respective patterns in this position, it can bring vigorous wealth and make marriage harmonious and beautiful

the color of carpet is the most important of atmosphere

the color matching of carpet should be stable and not disorderly, give people the feeling of atmosphere, and convey different styles and cultural connotation at the same time. In terms of color, the carpet should be dark in the main color, with up to two main colors. The adjustment of other colors in a small area will have a very good effect, otherwise it will be too messy

the color of the carpet should be combined with the fate of the hostess

in home feng shui, the fortune of the ceiling is closely related to the fortune of the hostess, while the fortune of the floor Feng Shui is closely related to the hostess. Therefore, the color of the carpet should be determined according to the fate of the hostess, so as to be beneficial to the health of the hostess. For example, the hostess likes fire, and the carpet color can be dominated by red series; The color of carpet should be mainly yellow, if the owner likes it, then the color of carpet should be mainly yellow

the color of carpet can not rob the style of furniture

the nature of carpet itself is auxiliary. It is to set off the furniture and can not rob the style of furniture. Therefore, the color can not be too bright and bright. It should give people less visual impact in order to cooperate with the overall home color. For example, if the surrounding environment feels cold, you can put some warm colors (such as red) to adjust. If you feel too warm, you can put some cold colors (such as blue) to adjust. Everything should be moderate, not too much

carpet color should not be too monotonous

carpet color should be colorful and avoid monotony: because different people have different aesthetic consciousness, some people like colorful carpets, but others like more elegant carpets. However, from the perspective of Feng Shui, it is better to choose colorful carpets. Because the carpet with too monotonous color will not only overshadow the living room, but also make it difficult to give full play to the effect of prosperity

carpet patterns

carpet patterns should be auspicious

some of the patterns on the carpet are very clear, which can be seen at a glance whether they are animals, plants, figures and scenery, while others are purely patterns without clear real names. But in any case, when we choose carpets, we should choose carpets with harmonious composition and auspicious patterns, which are pleasing to the eyes and calm

the five element attributes of carpet patterns should be combined with orientation and color

generally speaking, patterns have their own five element attributes. For example, wave shape five elements belong to water, straight stripes belong to wood, star and pyramid patterns belong to fire, lattice patterns belong to soil, and circle belongs to gold. When choosing carpet patterns, we should consider the orientation and color of the room where the carpet is located, which can bring good luck to the family. For example, if you want to choose a carpet in front of the sofa in the central living room of the house, you can choose a carpet with yellow grid pattern corresponding to the nature of the central five elements

the carpet pattern should adapt to the decorative style

modern and fashionable decorative styles can choose simple, clean or abstract carpets, some of which are integrated with natural colors, elegant apple green and fresh beige, reflecting simplicity and simplicity; Some use clean lines to bring out a quiet and serene atmosphere; Some are color combinations of different shades, the dark ones are generous, the light ones are young, comfortable and elegant

living room carpet selection skills:

the environment of living room carpet selection needs

because some living rooms have different ideas in decoration design, so the use functions of living rooms become different. At the same time, we should according to the environment and actual needs where the carpet is placed. For example, the environment where the carpet is laid and the place where the carpet is placed over there are enough walking places

living room carpet selection specification

if your living room is more than 20 square meters, the selection of living room carpet should not be less than 1.7 meters ” times; 2.4 meters. The living room itself is not very large. If the living room carpet you choose is smaller than one fifth of it, we can ignore it. I don’t even know what it does there. Of course, it can’t be too large. If a carpet is 10 square meters, what else can be placed in the living room? Some even have to be placed on the carpet. So when choosing carpet specifications, see the size of the living room at home

the color of living room carpet

the contrast between the color of living room carpet and the environment should not be too large. When selecting the color, we should first look at the orientation of the house. The houses facing Southeast or south have a large daylighting area, so it is best to choose the color of cold color. If the orientation of the house is northwest, choose the color of warm tone, which will add warm interest to the originally gloomy and cold house

function of living room carpet selection

in addition to the consideration of beauty, the durability of living room carpet is still very key. Some areas of the living room belong to the areas with frequent activities. For example, the porch, we should choose the carpet with high density and wear-resistant (short Terry fleece and twisted fleece). In the selection of stairs, it is best to choose durable and non slippery types. Generally, the frequency of carpets under stairs is also relatively high, so avoid using long wool flat loop woolen blanket, because the bottom of the carpet is easy to be exposed at the edge of stairs and stained with stains

matching of living room carpet

the flower shape of carpet can be matched according to the style of furniture. Mahogany or imitation mahogany furniture generally adopts the regular flower shape with symmetrical line arrangement, which looks simple and elegant; Using combination furniture or new furniture and choosing carpets with irregular patterns will make people feel fresh and free and easy

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