What’s particular about Feng Shui in balcony decoration

The balcony also has a great impact on residential Feng Shui. Choosing appropriate repair materials is conducive to the better installation of balcony Feng Shui. The balcony is mainly laid on the ground. It is best to choose the ground materials with good anti-skid performance, heat resistance and anti-corrosion performance

non slip ceramic tile is a better choice. It is not only easy to clean, but also beautiful to pave, which will virtually facilitate the transportation of the balcony; Moreover, it is not easy to be damaged by rain, and good luck is naturally easy to maintain. Wood is not suitable for balcony. Unless the balcony is sealed, it will not be exposed to rain. The touch of wood will be better

it’s not good to not stick floor tiles, just cement. Especially for the balcony on the top floor, the heat conduction is fast. In summer, the ground of the balcony will be very hot, and the resulting gas field will affect people’s mood and make people irritable

it is also important to choose materials when packaging the balcony. Plastic steel materials are a good choice. The effects of heat preservation, heat insulation and sound insulation are very good, which can better resist all kinds of evil spirits outside the balcony

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