What are the Feng Shui functions of artificial lighting

Artificial lighting is not only necessary in housing construction, but also has a certain Feng Shui effect. Therefore, designing indoor lighting can well promote house transportation

first of all, lighting belongs to Yang Qi in Feng Shui. It can supplement the Qi field with heavy Yin Qi. In geomantic omen, day is Yang and night is Yin. The use of light at night itself has the function of harmonizing Yin and Yang

secondly, lighting can turn evil spirits. Setting lights in the dark corners of the room can not only supplement the brightness of the dark corners, but also dissolve the ” The Qi of solitary evil spirit ”

thirdly, lighting can also be used to improve the Feng Shui layout at home. For example, exquisite lamps can be set at the missing corner of the room to make up for the missing corner of the house

in addition, lanterns or lighting tools will be hung in front of the gates of some villas or independent houses, which inherits the traditional house feng shui theory, which can not only resist the invasion of evil spirits outside the door, but also gather Qi and recruit wealth, which plays a good auxiliary role in the development of house transportation

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