What Feng Shui is particular about doors and windows

In addition to the main functions of ventilation and daylighting, doors and windows also have a certain connotation of feng shui culture and customs. It is very important for houses. Let’s talk about the orientation, shape and size of doors and windows

from the perspective of orientation, :

① doors and windows are opened in the East, and there are ” Purple comes from the East ” ; It is also a very good position to open doors and windows in the South and Southeast, which is characterized by good light and air convection

② the house faces the northeast and the ancients thought it was “Feng Shui”; Table ghost gate ” , The air field is cold, wet and cold, which is unfavorable to people’s health. It’s better not to open the window or open the window a little smaller; As for the southwest and West, there are ” Inside ghost gate ” ; It is said that the atmosphere is gloomy and muggy, especially in the west, with cold and hot in winter and summer, which is particularly unfavorable to women, so it is appropriate to open a small window

③ the northwest is an important place for a house, which is ” The throne of King ” , It should be quiet rather than moving. Opening the window will be damaged by the cold wind in the northwest, which is even worse for the luck of the head of the family

④ the position of doors and windows shall be arranged according to the principle of combining Qi with Yang and water, and it is forbidden to open the door in bad shape

in terms of shape and size, :

① the shape and size of doors and windows should match the size of the house. Avoid being too large, otherwise it is unfavorable to gather wealth. If it is too small, the gas field will be cloudy, there will be no convection, and it is easy to attract villains or have anomalies

② generally, the shape of doors and windows should be square, with the meaning of stability, stability and harmony. Triangles are most avoided. Their nature is fire, which has the image of anxiety in the world. The combination of internal and external evil spirits, Qi regulation and Taisui is not easy to cause fire at that time, and it also has the image of defeating the wealth of the family. As for other shapes, they are flat

  ” Two doors open together is the butterfly door, The door inside the house is a butterfly door, ” Butterflies are flying and the Lord is not ” , Disadvantageous to family harmony; The door outside the house is a butterfly door, ” Butterflies fly out “, No popularity

① wooden house: long, tall and tall. The characteristics of wooden houses are breakthrough, innovation, adventure, determination, stubbornness, hard work, arrogance, talent, good writing and quick response. The color of the five elements is green, and the color of the theme building should not be all white, because white belongs to gold and Jinke wood. The shape of windows and gates should be rectangular or circular, which belongs to water and aquatic wood. The shape of the gate should not be flat, because wood blocks soil

when choosing a house, it is very important to carefully study the house type map and observe the construction land or house type of the whole house

wooden houses should be engaged in education, creativity, literature and art, clothing, R ” D and other industries

② gold shaped house: Square in shape, high and low, similar to pyramid. For example, in Chinese traditional large houses, the main room is tall, and there are ear rooms lower than the main room on both sides. This kind of house combination is gold. The particularity of Jinxing house is convergence, aggregation, condensation, righteousness, integrity, innocence, responsibility and jealousy of evil. The appearance color of gold shaped house should be white. The yellow series belongs to earth. Earth can produce gold, but fire color can not be used. Fire conquers gold. The gate of the golden house should not be too slender or designed into a sharp shape

Jinxing residence should be engaged in finance, justice, finance, radio and television and other industries

③ water shaped house: round or wavy in shape. Water shaped houses are characterized by affinity, optimism, sitting on their laurels, conceiving, picky, service, collection, moistening and wandering. The color of the five elements is black, but the main buildings should not be black. Because there are many trees floating in the water, the water should not be flooded. Black belongs to Yin. If you use too much, you will lose your sense of closeness. The shape of the gate should not be flat. It can be made of wood, water and wood

water shaped houses should be engaged in services, department stores, insurance, finance and other industries

④ earth shaped house: the shape is square, thick and stable. The characteristics of earth shaped houses are tolerance, persistence, strategy, confidentiality, stupidity, sensibility, integration, tolerance, storage and straightness. The color of the five elements is yellow. The exterior wall color of earth shaped house should not be green or blue, because wood blocks soil and soil blocks water. The shape of the gate should not be rectangular, but square, earth and metal. The color of glass should not be green, and water and soil are mutually exclusive

can be engaged in politics, public office, timber, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and other industries

⑤ fire shaped house: the shape is sharp or uneven, and most of the edges and corners belong to it. The characteristics of Huoxing house are impulse, complacency, uncontrollable, love of expression, loyalty, charity, meddling, gambling, tiger head and snake tail. The color of the five elements is red, and the exterior wall of the fire shaped house should not be painted black. White is fire, so is gold. The shape of doors and windows shall not be round or arched

the industry should be engaged in futures, stocks, military police, entertainment and other industries

the northern part of the house represents business transportation. It belongs to water travel, and the preferred color is blue or black. Placing objects belonging to water in this position is helpful to the career of residents, such as fish tanks, landscape paintings, waterwheel, etc., or placing black metal ornaments, because gold can produce water

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