Feng Shui in toilet

Clutter is a big taboo of Feng Shui in the bathroom, because it will hinder Qi and make it difficult to go. The most ideal toilet is those with simple furnishings, simple design and good ventilation

the corner frame, tripod and other hangers used in the bathroom can be fixed on the wall to place the bath supplies such as bottles and cans that need to be used every day, or use the fine seam cabinet with the size to collect some toilet supplies. For cleaning supplies, the space on the toilet can use the special storage rack in the toilet to increase the storage space above the toilet, and place towels and maintenance supplies. These are good space creation methods, which can make your bathroom more orderly

the washstand can be made into an open drawer to store towels, bath towels, toiletries and skin care products. It can not only have good air permeability, but also become a display space. Make full use of the idle space in the bathroom. As a capable storage assistant, the small space will not appear so crowded as long as it is clean and tidy

soap and shampoo should be placed in order, but they need not be closed in the cabinet, because the beautiful fragrance can freshen the air and help relax the mind and body. Cleaning tools should not be exposed outside

towels, toilet paper and other articles should be placed as much as they are used. The toothbrush should not be placed on the mouthwash cup, but on the special toothbrush holder. The hair dryer belongs to fire and should be put into the cabinet after use. Only the minimum necessities are suitable to be placed in the bathroom, and sundries should not be stacked in the bathroom. Adding bright colored bathroom products in the bathroom can make it present a comfortable and fresh effect. Slippers and insoles can choose colors that have a large contrast with the wall color, such as lemon, sea blue, light pink, ivory and other light colors, which will bring a sense of cleanliness to the bathroom

in terms of deodorization, aromatics are effective but not environmentally friendly, so it is best to choose some fragrant flowers or herbs. You can choose fragrant flowers or herbs with calming fragrance and insomnia treatment effect, which can also reduce the unpleasant smell in the bathroom

the space under the basin can fit perfectly ” mdash; For a large storage box, when arranging such storage mode, pay attention to the sealing effect of the storage box, and the toilet needs to have good dry and wet zoning

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