Can placing dried flowers bring good luck to the house

Some houses are too small to put potted plants in the living room, or the owner is too busy to take care of the flowers in the vase. At this time, dry flowers can be used to replace real flowers to increase house transportation. Although dry flowers do not have the effect of releasing oxygen, absorbing harmful substances and purifying the air, the vivid image of dry flowers and the auspicious implication of flowers themselves can also produce a good atmosphere and bring good living mood to residents

for example, sunflower represents prosperity, Begonia is a symbol of wealth, Narcissus means love, and names with auspicious meanings will always bring good luck to the house. Moreover, the real flowers have a strong flavor. It is not suitable to put tulips, lilies and other beautiful and noble flowers in the bedroom. If they are put in the form of dried flowers in the bedroom, it is also a beautiful scenery

in addition, the dried flowers are long-lasting and bright in color. They can be flexibly arranged in line with the home environment and are very convenient. A small amount of dried flowers can be placed. The five elements of dried flowers are also wood, so they should not be placed in the center and in the West. From the perspective of home feng shui, it is inappropriate to put too many dried flowers at home, otherwise it is easy to affect the luck of the owner

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