How should the toys in the children’s room be placed for benefit

Of course, toys are best placed in the children’s room. Other rooms such as the living room and dining room can also be decorated a little, but most toys need to be classified and placed in the children’s room in order to facilitate children’s play and keep the family clean and orderly

however, toys in children’s room should be placed in accordance with certain principles and should not be placed randomly. Many toys and dolls have certain Feng Shui effect. Improper placement will cause bad feng shui effect

for example, in the East and Southeast, there are Zhengua and Xun Gua respectively, which represent the eldest man and eldest daughter. If more than two dolls are placed in these two directions, it is inappropriate to place more than two dolls, otherwise the position of the eldest man and eldest daughter will be shaken. If the family does not want to add more population, it is also inappropriate to add toys in the Northeast (representing young men) and the West (representing young girls). Another example is that the rabbit is originally a symbol of meekness, but if it is placed in the west, it will lead to children’s recruitment and continuous good luck in adolescence; Another example is that the little bear is simple, honest and lovely, but it should not be placed in the north, otherwise it will be vicious and suppress the child’s development

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