How to design and decorate the study

With the development of the times and the continuous improvement of people’s cultural literacy, people spend more and more time reading and learning at home. Therefore, when arranging the room, people pay more attention to the layout of the study or learning corner

the desk cannot be placed in the middle of the room, because it is isolated in all directions. Front and rear left: lean, main study: the career is lonely and it is difficult to develop

attention should also be paid to the door direction of the study. First of all, it should not be directly facing the toilet and kitchen, otherwise Wenchang will be impacted by water and fire and introduce foul gas, resulting in poor spirit. In addition, the chair should not be pressed by the beam. If objects similar to the beam, such as air conditioner and chandelier, are pressed on the head, it is easy to be controlled everywhere and difficult to stretch. Irregular house can not be used as a study, because irregularity will form a sharp solution, and the impulse will distract attention. The desk can’t back to the study door. It’s lack of support for the study door, and it will make the door rush, which is easy to argue with people. The seat should not be placed in the middle official position, which is isolated and helpless

the seat should have a back. Sitting behind the wall, it was called Leshan in ancient times. This kind of arrangement will be favored by noble people. The chair of a career or the executor of a major decision must not have his seat back against the glass, so & ldquo; No back & rdquo; The situation is a big taboo for operators, which will inevitably damage the development of wealth and career

irregular shape can give people a feeling of instability, but it is unlikely to significantly affect attention. The seat is placed in the middle of the house and feels helpless

exquisite potted plants are also decorative details that can not be ignored in the study. Green plants not only make the space full of vitality, but also help relieve the spirit for people who think for a long time