What’s the direction of the balcony

The balcony is the place where the house receives gas, which can absorb sunshine, air and so on. Therefore, for the whole house, balcony Feng Shui is very important. If the balcony faces to the west, the heat of the sun will affect the health of the family, and the balcony facing north will become the import of the cold wind in winter, which will not only affect the mood, but also lead to disease

the balcony faces to the East, which can absorb the auspicious atmosphere brought by the sun, and then spread to the whole house, which can not only make the indoor sunshine bright, but also make the family energetic

the balcony facing south is also very good in Feng Shui. Not only is the illumination in this direction sufficient, but also warm air often enters the house, which can activate the air flow in the home. Improve the overall fortune

the balcony should be well ventilated, so the place facing the balcony cannot be a wall. Only when there is nothing outside the balcony can the air circulation in the living room be smooth

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