Kitchen decoration precautions and details

1. The kitchen is facing the balcony. If the kitchen is facing the balcony, it will form a Feng Shui ” Through the heart, It will not only lead to the difficulty of gathering wealth in the family, but also lead to the loss of wealth, and seriously affect the unity and harmony of the family. To resolve this ” Pierce the heart ” ; You can put potted plants between the balcony and the kitchen, or get a flower rack full of rattan plants, which is not only beautiful, but also separates the two spaces. For the balcony with landing doors and windows, try to close the curtains. Without affecting the action, setting cabinets and screens between the kitchen and the balcony is also a feasible way to resolve the problem

2. According to the geomantic theory of kitchen floor, there are primary and secondary rooms in residential rooms, and the kitchen belongs to the secondary room. Therefore, it should be lower than the living room and other rooms in design. In this way, from the kitchen to other rooms, it means to rise step by step, otherwise it will feel like returning money to transport. From the perspective of environmental sanitation, the terrain of the kitchen is lower than that of other rooms, which can effectively prevent the backflow of sewage

3. Decorate the kitchen floor and wall. The function of the kitchen is different from that of other rooms for people to rest. It is a place specially used for making food. Therefore, there is often oil smoke here, and the whole room is full of oil stains. Once not cleaned in time, it will turn the kitchen into a place to hide dirt. Therefore, the wall of the kitchen should be pasted with white and other light colored ceramic tiles, which is convenient to see the location of the oil stain and easy to clean. The kitchen floor may not only get oil stains, but also have many water stains, which is easy to cause people to slip and fall. Therefore, anti slip floor tiles should be installed on the kitchen floor. However, uneven stones should not be selected as the floor, otherwise it is not easy to clean. In addition, a water outlet should be set on the kitchen floor. It is best to waterproof the overall floor before decorating the kitchen

4. Feng Shui on the top of the kitchen believes that in addition to the ground and walls, the top of the kitchen is also very important. Because the kitchen will produce a lot of heat in the process of use, which will gather into a lot of water droplets on the top ceiling, so we must use square wood support, plastic gusset plate and aluminum gusset plate to treat the top, so we can get good feng shui

5. Kitchen dead corners generally speaking, the most neglected dead corners in the kitchen are cabinets, wall corners and under the pool. These places tend to accumulate dust and breed bacteria and insects. Therefore, they are easy to accumulate filth, which must be paid attention to in Feng Shui

therefore, when decorating the kitchen, the cabinet should adopt the closed design as far as possible, and the upper ceiling and the lower wall should be achieved. The floor type closed design should also be adopted for the base of the pool as far as possible, so as to avoid dead corners, which is not only beautiful and hygienic, but also avoid hiding dirt in dead corners. At the same time, the kitchen should keep the air flow unobstructed to avoid the stacking of sundries here to form a dead corner, hinder people’s activities and affect the flow of air flow

6. Kitchen lighting whether from Feng Shui or practical point of view, the kitchen should be dry, clean and bright, which requires the kitchen to have sufficient light. If the kitchen cannot have sufficient natural light due to improper construction, people need to add lighting system to increase the brightness of the kitchen. Generally speaking, pay attention to the following two points when setting the lighting of the kitchen:

first, adjustable. The lighting system of the kitchen should be adjustable so that it can be adjusted when the light feels dim or dazzling, so as to make people feel comfortable and comfortable in the kitchen

two, multi-level. Generally speaking, the lighting of the kitchen should not only install separate lighting facilities, but should install a multi-level lighting system composed of different lamps and light sources. For example, people should not only place lamps on the ceiling of the kitchen, but also install lamps at the bottom of the hanging cabinet above the stove to facilitate the lighting during cooking

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