Where should the study be located

The study is the post station of people’s soul and the place where people’s wisdom and soul can be sublimated. To obtain good feng shui, the study must first choose an auspicious location. From the perspective of Feng Shui in the study, the study should be located on the four auspicious sides. The so-called four auspicious sides refer to the four directions of earthquake, Xun, Qian and Kan, specifically:

(1) earthquake side (Oriental position). Because the study in this direction is vigorous towards the place where all things grow, it can create a more lively atmosphere and is suitable for literary and artistic creation

(2) Xunfang (southeast direction), this direction is sunny. If the scenery outside the window is beautiful, it is suitable for rational thinking, but there should not be too many people outside the window of the study in this direction, otherwise it will affect the quiet of the study and destroy the Feng Shui of the study

(3) qianfang (northwest), which is suitable for study, can make people clear and concentrate, and is suitable for philosophical research and management

(4) Kan Fang (Northern position), the study is located in this position, which is suitable for difficult theoretical research and academic work, but it should be noted that it should not be too closed. The door should be properly opened to exchange the surrounding vitality with the indoor air

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