Can the bathroom be located in the residential center

Nowadays, most houses are integrated with sanitary ware. Sanitary ware cannot be located in the center of the house for three reasons

① according to ” Luo Shu ” ; Orientation, the center belongs to soil, and the bathroom belongs to water. If the bathroom belonging to water is set in the center of soil, the problem of soil conquering water will occur

② the bathroom is located in the center of the house, and the water supply and drainage may have to pass through other rooms, which is very difficult to maintain. If the sewage pipe also passes through other rooms, it will be even worse

③ the center of the house is like the heart of the same person, which is very important. The heart is full of filth, so it can’t be called ” Auspicious House ” ; Yes

modern cities are narrow and densely populated, and an inch of land is worth an inch of money. In order to save space, some families often change one of the sanitary bathrooms into a bedroom to live here. This is contrary to the way of Feng Shui, and strictly speaking, it is not in line with environmental hygiene. Traditional ” Genealogy ” ; In Chinese, sanitary ware is an unclean place, which should be opened in the evil side to suppress the evil star

the bathroom should not be directly directed to the corridor. If the bathroom is located in the residential center, it is easy to directly direct to the corridor. The bathroom should only be located at the edge of the corridor. If it is located at the end of the corridor, it will form an indoor ” Lu Chongsha ” , Bad for home

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