How to decorate and decorate the porch

The porch is an area at the entrance of the door, which is not only convenient for guests to strip and change shoes and hats, but also the first scenery people see when entering the room. Although the area is small, it plays a vital role in the style of the whole room. The most effective way to beautify the porch is to decorate it with furniture and accessories

the design of the porch should be based on the room shape and home style. It can be made into arc shape, strip shape or right angle shape. The materials and styles include wood, glass, stainless steel, stone, etc. Generally speaking, the porch made of stainless steel and glass is closer to the simple modern style home, while stone and plate are more suitable for pastoral style home

in furniture decoration, the small table is very suitable to be placed in the porch. The table top is not wide and can stand against the wall. A mirror or a selected painting hung on it, coupled with a pair of decorative wall lamps, the effect is quite good. If the porch area is large enough, you can also choose the arc-shaped wall table, which shows more luxurious temperament. If you pay more attention to

practical functions, the simplest way is to place a group of vertical clothes racks. Many clothes racks with novel designs not only do not occupy space, but also provide space for storing things. You can put everything in front of the door; Or put a large cabinet with oblique triangle and inverted trapezoid, which can not only store a lot of things, but also look small and exquisite

in the decoration, the porch can be decorated by cloth art, lighting and green plants. Place a piece of exotic cloth or antique table flag on the wall, table and cabinet. Small spotlights, simple lights, strip lights, wall lights, neon lights and other lighting parts can not only make the porch very bright, but also make the environmental space more elegant. If the porch area is not large, pay attention to the use of lamps, do not use too much, two or three lamps are appropriate. Use the wall and the counter behind the door to put several pots of foliage plants, such as chrysanthemum and primrose, which can bring some vitality to the porch, but pay attention to the plants so as not to hinder people’s sight and access

the area of houses in modern cities is generally narrow. If the traditional large-scale porch is set up, it will obviously feel that the space is limited and difficult to move. Therefore, the compromise is to use the glass screen as the interval, which can not only prevent the external air from rushing into the living room from the gate, but also make the narrow entrance not too narrow

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