What should we pay attention to when decorating a new house

If the porch is arranged in your home space, you must pay attention to the Feng Shui matters in the layout and decoration of the porch Feng Shui. After all, the feng shui of the porch is not only related to home feng shui, but also related to our luck; In that case, what should we pay attention to when decorating the Feng Shui wall of the porch of the new house? Let’s have a look

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the porch should not be too dark.

the part of the porch should be transparent and bright, because the transparent porch can make the house better store wind and gas, while the dense porch will only lead to the lack of gas field and air in the home. Therefore, in the decoration of the house porch, we should try our best to choose some ventilated and breathable porch materials. The porch should be virtual and solid. Such porch is more in line with the stress of Feng Shui and has a sense of decoration. The hollow design can bring a different taste to the home. In addition, the part of the porch should be bright, so the porch should try to choose some light colors, such as white, yellow, etc. the light colors can make the space look brighter and make the atmosphere of the home more warm. In addition, it’s best to install a lamp in the porch. When necessary, use the lamp to help the porch lighting, so as to effectively improve the Feng Shui aura of the home and help attract wealth and prosperity in the home. If your porch is dark, it will only damage your family’s wealth. After all ” Money does not enter the secret door

the ceiling of the porch is too low

the part of the porch is the position of the entrance door, which is the first space to enter the door. Therefore, the ceiling of the porch should not be too low. Too low ceiling will only lead to emotional depression of the family, thus affecting the health of the family; The depressed space will also have a negative impact on Feng Shui, and even lead to the poor fortune of the family, the obstruction of the development of family fortune, etc. Therefore, in any case, the ceiling of the porch should not be too low, otherwise it will have a great impact on all aspects

there is a beam on the porch

according to the theory of Feng Shui, there should not be a sense of depression above the porch, so the ceiling of the porch should not be too low; Similarly, beams should not appear above the porch. Because the beam capping is a very unlucky thing, and the beam capping will form a very great sense of depression. Such a pattern will damage the Feng Shui aura of the porch and endanger the feng shui of the whole home. It can be seen that in any case, there can be no beam above the porch

install mirrors at the entrance

according to Feng Shui, the mirror is a very unlucky pattern relative to the gate. Such a pattern will have a certain impact on the feng shui of the whole gate! So when you are decorating, you should pay attention to the mirror, not facing the door

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