Secret decoration room feng shui most taboo

In the decoration of the house, we must not despise the taboos in Feng Shui. After all, any taboo can easily lead to bad feng shui as long as it is touched. Once these bad feng shui are triggered, the consequences and impact will be unimaginable; In addition, home is the of our living environment. We must know the Feng Shui taboos! So what is the most taboo in Feng Shui decoration

the most taboo is to change the toilet to the kitchen

in the decoration of the home, many people will change the pattern of the home according to their own ideas. For example, many people will transform the study into a guest room, and many people will transform the second bedroom into a chess and card room. In fact, no matter how to transform the pattern of the house, we should pay attention to the stress and taboos in Feng Shui! According to Feng Shui, the most taboo in home is to transform the toilet into a kitchen! We all know what a filthy place the toilet is. The foul gas, odor and dirty gas in the toilet are deep. If you transform the toilet into a kitchen, the foul gas in the toilet will only remain in the kitchen, which has a self-evident impact on the overall Feng Shui of the kitchen. The feng shui of the kitchen is threatened, which means that our health, wealth and Feng Shui of the home are threatened. Therefore, the toilet cannot be transformed into a kitchen, which must be taboo

the most taboo is door to door

in the home decoration, the door is opposite to the door, which itself is unlucky Feng Shui. The Feng Shui aura formed by the collision of the two doors is very unlucky, so we must avoid the situation of door flush in the home decoration. Moreover, Feng Shui also believes that if the door is facing the door of the home, it will also have an impact on the Feng Shui aura of the whole room, and ultimately affect the emotional fortune and marital stability of the husband and wife, and even have a third-party invasion of the life between the husband and wife. Therefore, the door is opposite to the door, which is also the most taboo pattern in Feng Shui

the mirror is facing the head of the bed

although many articles say that the mirror can not be placed in the bedroom, many people will still install the mirror in the bedroom in order to facilitate their own life. Feng Shui is very taboo. The decoration pattern of mirror opposite to the head of bed. You should know that the mirror is where the Yin is very heavy, and the mirror is easy to disturb the nerves of the family and suck up the Yang of the family. The most important thing is that the mirror will cause the nervous mood of the family and even provoke some unclean things during the night shift. Therefore, it is not suitable to place the mirror in the bedroom, especially the mirror should not be placed opposite the head of the bed, which is a very taboo in Feng Shui

the light in the home is dark

Feng Shui middle age is also very familiar with the pattern of dark light, so in the home decoration, we must ensure that the light of the home is bright, so that akuya can ensure the vigorous Feng Shui atmosphere of the home. If the light of the home is dark, it will only have a great impact on the feng shui of the whole home

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