Selection of floor color for Feng Shui decoration of living room

In the decoration of the home, the color is very particular. The color should pay attention to the collocation of the color. The implication of the color, including matters in Feng Shui, can not be ignored. Therefore, choosing what color to decorate the home has become a headache. In the feng shui of the living room, what kind of color is suitable for the floor? Let’s have a look

it is appropriate to choose some neutral colors

what is a neutral color? For example, beige, gray, milky white, etc., these colors belong to neutral colors, and in the decoration Feng Shui of the living room, it is appropriate to use these colors on the floor; Because these colors can mediate the Feng Shui aura of the living room, make the relationship between family members very harmonious, and make the feng shui of the living room exuberant, so as to make the development of family transportation smooth. In addition, neutral color is very easy to match. After all, neutral color is a white color, which can be matched with any home style and tone

it is suitable to choose some log colors

in addition, log color is also a color very affected by the environment, because log color is a color close to nature. Using log color flooring can make the style of the whole home look fresher and cleaner. In this way, you can create a comfortable home atmosphere and let your family get the greatest relaxation at home! From the perspective of life, the place with log color is very good. From the perspective of Feng Shui, the log colored floor can bring a good feng shui atmosphere to the home and make the Feng Shui in the living room vigorous. In this way, it will be of great help to the family’s luck and health. So the floor color of the living room might as well use log color

it is suitable to use some warm yellow

moreover, it is also very good to use some warm yellow tiles as the floor of the living room. Because warm yellow is a very warm color, which can create a warm atmosphere. If warm yellow is used on the floor of the living room, it will certainly make the atmosphere of the whole home warm and make the family more united, loving and concerted. It can be seen that the warm yellow floor can deepen and consolidate the feelings of the family. From the perspective of geomantic omen, the warm yellow five elements belong to soil, which can produce gold and gold can produce wealth. Therefore, the warm yellow floor also has the effect of Attracting Wealth and can help the family attract wealth and prosperity

black floor should not be used

in life, some people will use black floor tiles as the floor of the living room in order to facilitate daily cleaning and make the floor look more dirt resistant; But in fact, whether from the perspective of Feng Shui or from the perspective of life, the black ground is very inappropriate. Although black is resistant to dirt, it looks very dark and affects the light of the home! And Feng Shui believes that black floor Feng Shui is not good

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