Why should the ceiling of the porch be high rather than low

When carrying out the decoration and decoration of the porch, we should pay attention to that the ceiling of the porch should be high rather than low. This is because the porch is in an important position of the entrance and exit door in the functional zoning of the whole house, and belongs to the leading part in Feng Shui. Since it is the leading part, the leading should be raised rather than low, which is conducive to the prosperity of the family and the prosperity of the career

at the same time, the ceiling of the porch is set higher, which is also for the convection of air at the porch, to ensure the relatively fresh air in the porch, and to help the porch play its due role of Feng Shui. If the ceiling at the porch is too low, it means that the space for the dragon to bow his head and raise his head is narrow, which is very unlucky in Feng Shui. The owner is suppressed, there are many obstacles in all aspects, the development pattern is small, and it is difficult to do things. Moreover, the ceiling of the porch is too low, which is not conducive to ventilation and daylighting

therefore, in home decoration, pay attention to designing the ceiling at the porch higher. For example, this problem can be solved by making this position slightly higher when making the ceiling