Why should the interval of the porch be real and virtual

In modern home layout, due to the small area of the porch, intervals are generally set in the upper part of the porch for ventilation and daylighting, using hollowed out wooden frames or frosted glass. The interval setting of the porch must be virtual at the top and solid at the bottom, and the lower half should be solid and steady. Generally, it is directly the wall or made into a low cabinet. The upper half should be transparent but not air leakage. It is best to use frosted glass

on the one hand, this layout is conducive to the role of the porch in the residential functional area, which is convenient for daylighting. At that time, you can see a little scene inside, so as not to be too cramped after entering the door

on the other hand, it is for the geomantic consideration of the porch. The pattern of emptiness at the top and reality at the bottom is stable, and the foundation of the main house is not easy to shake. At the same time, jiayunhengtong has development prospects

in short, the gap between the upper part and the lower part of the porch is in line with the Feng Shui principle, which is conducive to the design of house transportation