Feng shui knowledge of home ceiling decoration

Ceiling plays a role in optimizing space in home feng shui design. Among them, we have to mention decoration ceiling Feng Shui , which can cover the cross beam and avoid the cross beam brake; If the floor height is very low, or even lower than 2.5m, it is not suitable for large-area ceiling, but it can be suspended in a small area. The ceiling above the living room is mainly plane, and only the hierarchical ring effect is made at the position where the lamp is placed in the middle. From bottom to top, it is like the halo of a chandelier

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decoration ceiling Feng Shui

Home ceiling decoration feng shui knowledge

1. The ceiling color should be light rather than heavy

the ceiling of the living room symbolizes heaven and the floor symbolizes earth. The color of the ceiling should be light and the color of the floor should be dark to meet ” The sky is light and the earth is heavy ” ; In this way, there will be no sense of top heavy or top pressure visually. The ceiling of the living room not only symbolizes the sky, but also the light color, such as light blue, which symbolizes the blue sky; White symbolizes the long white clouds. The color of the ceiling should be light, while the color of the floor should be blue, in line with the meaning of light ground and heavy ground

2. The living room should be equipped with circular fluorescent chandeliers

the interior must give people a bright feeling, so the lighting in the living room should be sufficient, and dimness will affect the career development. The choice of lamps and lanterns on the ceiling of the living room is very important. It is best to use circular chandeliers or ceiling lamps, because the circle has the meaning of perfect service. The living room is dark, and it’s easy to be dark in some places. In this case, it is best to hide fluorescent lamps in the wooden grooves on the four sides of the ceiling to supplement the light. Such light is refracted from the ceiling, soft and not dazzling. The light emitted by the fluorescent lamp is closest to the sunlight, which is most suitable for the living room lacking natural light

3. There should be a pool in the ceiling

which will affect the mood of daily life and work. The false ceiling is pressed too low to accommodate the beam of the roof, which is not suitable in Feng Shui or design. In this case, the ceiling shape with low sides and high middle can be adopted. In this way, it is not only visually more comfortable, but also the concave position in the middle of the ceiling forms a water gathering ” Tianchi, It is of great benefit to housing. If it is in the ” Tianchi ” ; A resplendent crystal lamp hung in the center will have the effect of making the finishing point, but do not install a mirror on the ceiling, which is a Feng Shui taboo

decoration ceiling knowledge

1 general provisions for ceiling engineering

1.1 this chapter is applicable to the construction of open keel and concealed keel ceiling engineering

1.2 the installation spacing and connection mode of suspender and keel shall meet the design requirements. Post embedded parts, metal suspenders and keels shall be subject to anti-corrosion treatment. Wooden suspenders, wooden keels, shaped boards and wood veneers shall be treated with anti-corrosion, fire prevention and moth prevention

1.3 during transportation, handling, installation and storage of ceiling materials, corresponding measures shall be taken to prevent moisture, deformation and damage to the surface and corners of the plate

1.4 heavy lamps, fans and other heavy equipment shall not be installed on the ceiling keel

1.5 the variety and laying thickness of sound-absorbing and thermal insulation materials filled in the ceiling shall meet the design requirements, and anti scattering measures shall be taken

1.6 the position of lamps, smoke detectors, sprinkler heads, tuyere castors and other equipment on the decorative panel shall be reasonable and beautiful, and the junction with the decorative panel shall be tight

1.7 the connection of ceiling, wall and curtain box shall meet the design requirements

1.8 for the shelving light decorative panel, the clamping device shall be set according to the design requirements

1.9 the type of adhesive shall be selected according to the type of decorative panel used

2 quality requirements for main materials

2.1 the variety, specification and color of materials used in ceiling engineering shall meet the design requirements. Decorative panel and metal keel shall have product certificate. The moisture content of wooden suspender and wooden keel shall comply with the relevant provisions of the current national standards

2.2. The surface of the decorative panel shall be flat, the edge shall be neat and the color shall be consistent. The hole spacing of perforated plates shall be arranged in order; Plywood, wood fiber board and large core board shall not be degummed or discolored

2.3 fire retardant coating shall have product certificate and operation manual

3 key points of construction

3.1 the installation of keel shall meet the following requirements:

① snap lines on the surrounding walls according to the design elevation of ceiling. The snapping line shall be clear and the position shall be accurate

② the distance between the lifting points of the main keel and the arching height shall meet the design requirements. When there are no design requirements, the spacing between lifting points shall be less than 1.2m, and the arch shall be arched according to l% ~ 3% of the short span of the room. The position and elevation of the main keel shall be corrected in time after installation

③ the suspender shall be straight, and the distance from the end of the main keel shall not exceed 300mm. When the suspender meets the equipment, the structure of the lifting point shall be adjusted or the suspender shall be added

④ the secondary keel shall be installed close to the main keel. The distance between the secondary keels of fixed plates shall not be greater than 600mm, and in wet areas and places, the distance should be 300 ~ 400mm. When installing the decorative panel with countersunk self tapping screws, the width of the secondary keel at the joint shall not be less than 40mm

⑤ the two ends of the concealed keel series cross bracing keel shall be connected to the full-length secondary keel with connectors. The gap between the lap joint of the cross brace keel and the full-length keel of the exposed keel series shall not be greater than 1mm

⑥ the side keel shall be snapped and fixed on the surrounding walls according to the design requirements

⑦ comprehensively correct the position and flatness of the main and secondary dragons, and the connectors shall be installed in dislocation

3.2 before installing the decorative panel, the commissioning and acceptance of pipes and equipment in the ceiling shall be completed

3.3. The decorative panel shall be selected according to the specification and color before installation

3.4 the installation of concealed keel decorative panel (including paper gypsum board, fiber cement laminate, plywood, metal square board, metal strip board, plastic strip board, gypsum board, calcium plastic board, mineral wool board and grid, etc.) shall comply with the following provisions:

① take light steel keel and aluminum alloy keel as the skeleton, and use countersunk self tapping screws when installing by nailing method

② take the wooden keel as the skeleton and adopt the nailing method. When installing, wood screws shall be used for fixation, and plywood can be fixed with iron nails

③ when the metal decorative panel is fixed with hanging connectors and connectors, it shall be placed according to the provisions of the product manual

④ when the composite bonding method is adopted for installation, the plate shall not have strong vibration before the adhesive is fully cured

3.5 the installation of paper gypsum board and fiber cement laminate shall comply with the following provisions:

① the Board shall be installed in a free state and fixed from the middle of the board to the periphery of the board

② the distance between the gypsum board screw and the board edge: the paper wrapped edge should be 10 ~ 15mm, and the cutting edge should be 15 ~ 20mm; The distance between the cement pressing plate screw and the plate edge should be 8 ~ 15mm

③ the nail distance around the board should be 150 ~ 170mm, and the nail distance in the board should not be greater than 200mm

④ when installing double-layer gypsum board, the joints of upper and lower layers of boards shall be staggered, and the joints on the same keel are not allowed

⑤ the screw head should be slightly buried on the board surface, and the paper surface shall not be damaged. Nail holes shall be treated with rust prevention and smoothed with putty

⑥ the joint of gypsum board shall be treated according to the design requirements

3.6 the installation of gypsum board and calcium plastic board shall comply with the following provisions:

① when the nailing method is adopted for installation, the distance between the screw and the board edge shall not be less than 15mm, the distance between the screw and the board edge should be 150 ~ 170mm, evenly arranged and perpendicular to the board surface, the nail cap shall be subject to anti rust treatment, and painted with the same color as the board surface or troweled with gypsum putty

② when the adhesive method is adopted for installation, the adhesive shall be applied evenly without omission

3.7 the installation of mineral wool decorative sound-absorbing board shall comply with the following provisions:

① it shall not be installed when the humidity in the room is too high

② arrange plates in advance before installation to ensure the integrity of patterns and patterns

③ during installation, other materials shall not be placed on the sound absorption plate to prevent the plate from being compressed and deformed

3.8 the installation of exposed keel decorative panel shall comply with the following provisions:

① the installation of decorative panel shall ensure the mutual bite of tongue and groove and the coincidence of pattern and pattern

② when the decorative panel is embedded with the keel, it shall be prevented from squeezing each other too tightly or hanging off

③ when using the shelving method for installation, there should be plate installation joints, and the gap on each side should not be greater than 1mm

④ the lap width of the glass left on the keel of the glass ceiling shall meet the design requirements, and soft connection shall be adopted

⑤ positioning measures shall be taken for the installation of decorative sound-absorbing board if it is installed by laying aside method

3) precautions for ceiling acceptance:

① the matrix quality of ceiling, partition and wall keel installation shall comply with the provisions of relevant current national standards

② the horizontal lines around the ceiling shall be at the same elevation, and the allowable deviation shall not be greater than ” plusmn; 5mm, the middle part shall be arched

③ the spacing between general ceiling partition and wall grid should be 400-500mm, and the installation should be firm and reliable

④ wooden keel ceiling is adopted. It is required that the wooden keel must have the same specification and size, be firmly and reliably installed, meet the bearing standard, and be straight and dry without pollution and decay. The wooden keel ceiling must be treated with fire prevention, and the places easy to be wet and moth eaten must be treated with appropriate anti-corrosion or moth proof treatment

⑤ the position of light steel keel along the top and ground shall be correct and relatively vertical. The vertical keel shall be graded accurately, positioned upright and free of deformation. The expansion amount shall be reserved according to the regulations, and the nailing spacing shall meet the requirements

⑥ for building decoration, the contradiction between decoration effect and use safety shall be properly handled, non combustible and non combustible materials shall be actively used, and materials that produce a large amount of smoke or toxic gas during combustion shall be avoided as far as possible, so as to achieve safe use, advanced technology, economy and rationality

⑦ there are four combustion performance grades of decoration materials, a non Flammability; B1 flame resistance; B2 Flammability; B3 flammability. The top surface shall be grade A as far as possible, and necessary fire prevention treatment must be done when grade B1 is used; Grade B1 can be used as wall, and grade B2 must be treated with necessary fire prevention when used as wall; B2 can be used for ornaments and floors; B3 must not be used

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