Attention should be paid to Feng Shui in the decoration of new houses

We all know that decoration should be based not only on our own preferences, but also on the stress of Feng Shui, because only the decoration in line with the stress of Feng Shui can create a good feng shui atmosphere and help our luck; So in Feng Shui, what should be paid attention to in new house decoration? The following is the relevant articles compiled by Fstips. Let’s have a look

new house decoration should pay attention to Feng Shui

Feng Shui matters that should be paid attention to in new house decoration

first, home decoration should have an overall view

overall harmony and coordination, which is a necessary condition for good feng shui. Specific to home decoration, we should first have an understanding of the overall view of Feng Shui. In other words, the style of home decoration should obey the style of home environment

1. The decorative style should obey the architectural style

for example, the Chinese architecture with red walls and green tiles should cooperate with the traditional Chinese decorative style. If it is combined with the Western decorative style, it will make people uncomfortable. It’s not the same thing to wear a long gown and mandarin jacket on a high nose and blue eyes

2. Local decoration follows the whole

different spaces and has their own functions; But the style and details of its decoration must obey the whole household. Imagine the effect of a few strings of local red peppers and old corn in the antique study with piano, chess, calligraphy and painting

3. The choice of furniture and household appliances should obey the overall decoration style

in modern home decoration, the proportion of furniture and household appliances can be almost juxtaposed, and the two together constitute an important part of the whole home decoration. Therefore, when choosing the color and shape of furniture and household appliances, we must obey the decorative style and form an overall home feng shui

Second, the overall concept of home decoration Feng Shui should also pay attention to the difference between primary and secondary

above, we emphasize that home feng shui should form a whole, but the position and role of each part in the whole should not be ignored

feng shui theory holds that household Feng Shui should be door, main and stove. Specific to modern home feng shui, that is, Feng Shui of door, master bedroom and kitchen occupies the most important position in the whole home feng shui

such as the orientation, pattern and size of the door, the orientation, layout, decoration and size of the master bedroom, the orientation of the kitchen, the position of the stove, console and faucet will affect the feng shui of the door, master bedroom and kitchen. The feng shui of these three places plays a vital role in the feng shui of the whole home. In contrast, Feng Shui in other parts of the home is less important than these three parts. In home decoration, we should treat them differently

Third, in the home decoration design, we should adjust the unreasonable Feng Shui in advance

according to the birth time of the residents, analyze the likes and dislikes of each family member, and determine the most favorable position of each person at home, so as to determine the overall layout of the room

in the design of modern architecture, more consideration is given to how to maximize the use of space, almost not from the perspective of Feng Shui, which directly leads to the unreasonable Feng Shui layout in the home. There are often various household Feng Shui taboos, such as door flushing, beam capping, toilet in the middle of the room, etc

these Feng Shui problems will have an adverse impact on the fate of residents in all aspects. If they wait until there is a problem, they can make up for it. Not to mention the adverse consequences, it will not only consume money, materials and time, but also destroy the overall effect of house decoration

therefore, it is best to make reasonable conditioning according to the Feng Shui concept before decoration, so as to be suitable for living

IV. decorative materials and main decorative colors should be selected according to the fate of the host. The five element attributes of

decorative materials and the five element attributes of main colors in the home should be selected on the basis of analyzing the eight characters of the resident’s birthday, which is most suitable for the fate of the resident, so as to be beneficial to the fate of the resident

outside the male owner and inside the female owner, the influence of home feng shui on the hostess is particularly obvious, and the hostess is the core of the whole family. Therefore, according to the eight character destiny of the hostess, it is analyzed that the hostess’s five elements like and avoid, and the best choice of decorative materials and main colors is beneficial to the hostess’s fortune; The small room where family members are located can be combined with their personal fatalism preferences, and then choose the materials and colors suitable for them

for example, for people who have five elements of mahogany, wood is the best home decoration material, and the color is mainly green (five elements of wood), which can help transportation; You can also use blue, black, etc. (the five elements belong to water) to get water and generate wood, so as to generate the fortune of the owner

V. It is best to start decoration on a auspicious day

although the decoration project is not a large-scale construction like building houses; However, for individuals, it also belongs to a relatively large-scale construction, and the construction is carried out in their own home. The impact on individuals should not be underestimated. We must choose a good day

Feng Shui taboos that should be paid attention to in the decoration of new houses

avoid seeing the mirror at the door

the door is one of the main gas fields in the home. The mirror facing the door will not only affect the wealth of the residents in the house, but also be harmful to health and other aspects

hall brake

hall brake. The front door is facing the back door or the front window is facing the rear window. The air hall will also cause the rapid flow of the air field in the house, which is extremely unstable and prone to blood light accidents

see the stove at the front door

many people don’t pay attention to the kitchen. Seeing the stove at the front door means that the door is facing the kitchen, so it doesn’t gather money

the bed is placed under the window or against the door

the placement of the bed is also very particular. Generally speaking, from the perspective of water distribution, the bed should not be placed under the window or against the door

the small arch is harmful to the health of the elders

because the small arch is shaped like a tombstone, it is inevitable that the elderly with traditional cultural views will go in and out every day, which will inevitably produce psychological shadow, It will even affect health

the color of the ceiling should be light rather than heavy

the ceiling of the living room symbolizes the sky and the floor symbolizes the ground. The color of the ceiling should be light, the color of the floor should be deep, and the sky should be light and the ground should be heavy, so that there will be no sense of top heavy or top pressing visually

Feng Shui problems that should be paid attention to in new house decoration

I. Feng Shui taboo in new house decoration

too many mirrors should not be placed in the bedroom of a new house, because too many mirrors will disturb the sleep of residents and make the whole house messy, which will frighten you to see your own face in the mirror when you wake up. In addition, the new house should not put fish tank flowers and plants and aquatic plants. Listen to what the older generation often say about this kind of ” Water ” ; Things with too much Qi should not be placed in the bedroom space. Of course, especially in the decoration design of the wedding room, its feng shui theory will put ” Pouring ” ; Put out the fire of two people’s love. In addition, there should not be too many electrical appliances in the new house, and the TV should not be directed to the foot of the bed. In the feng shui of the marriage room, its electrical appliances will be called fire house. Its influence will lead to the emotional quarrel between the husband and wife, which will also affect the physical and mental health of both parties

II. Feng Shui precautions for new house decoration

the light in the bedroom should not be too strong, and the bed should not be close to the strong light. Bed is a place of rest, and strong light is easy to make the state of mind restless. Don’t put curtains on the bed, otherwise the light can be reduced. The head of the bed does not face west. According to modern scientific explanation, the earth rotates from east to west. If the head faces west, the blood often rushes directly to the top of the head, and the sleep is unstable; The bed should not be facing the mirror. When people are half awake, they are easily frightened by the image in the mirror and their spirit is restless; The TV should not face the front of the bed, but can be changed to the side or placed in the cabinet as a withdrawable TV cabinet; The bed cannot be backed by the door. People outside the door can see everything on the bed without a sense of completeness, which also affects the rest

the shape of the bedroom should not be long and narrow. If it is long and narrow, it should not be ventilated, and the interior is easy to d The bed should not be directly facing the beam and column. The beam is easy to make people feel oppressive and sleep is not easy to be stable; The bedside table should be round to avoid the corner of the table hitting the head; The bed shall not be close to the ground, otherwise it will not be ventilated, and it is easy to hide moisture, resulting in backache and backache. There are too many triangular decorations in the bedroom, and the master is ominous; Hanging a book at the head of the bed is better to landscape flowers and plants, and avoid taking tigers, insects and animals as the background; Avoid hanging orchids, ribbon flowers and large chandeliers on the bed, otherwise it will affect the health of residents

it is not suitable to rush straight into the streets and alleys. Feng Shui is ” Like to whirl and avoid going straight ” , Because the momentum of direct attack is rapid, if the residence bears the brunt, it will be a great disaster. Don’t be careless! Therefore, when you go to the building selection, you might as well take a look around the house to see if there is a direct rush of streets and lanes around the house. If the door of the house is facing the straight road, the longer the road, the greater the danger, and the more cars, the more disasters. Therefore, some people call it ” Hukou house, It means it is difficult to live in it

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