Feng Shui taboo when arranging children’s room

1. Location of children’s room. Try to make the child’s room face south and have more exposure to the sun. Pay attention to stay away from large electromechanical equipment and appliances. For example, don’t let the child’s room be close to the elevator room and power distribution cabinet. The bad breath produced by these things will have an adverse impact on the child

2. Color of children’s room. It is better to decorate the color in combination with the five elements of the child’s life. At the same time, the main color of the whole room should not use too dark and dazzling colors, which is easy to make children irritable. For children, simple and fresh colors are the most appropriate. The sky is clear and the ground is turbid. Therefore, there should be no complex patterns or colors on the ceiling and walls, and milky white is appropriate

3. Decoration of children’s room. Children’s rooms should not be decorated and decorated too complex as far as possible. It’s good to be clean and simple, especially if the room area is relatively small

4. Children’s room is a place for children to rest, play and study, and the design of lighting is very important. The light in the children’s room should be soft first. The child’s organs are very weak. Too strong light will not only affect the child’s vision, but also stimulate the child’s nerves, which will virtually affect the child’s spirit and emotion

secondly, the light in children’s room should not be too dark. Generally speaking, children are afraid of the dark. Moreover, dark rooms often have heavy Yin Qi, and children’s resistance is poor, so they are particularly vulnerable to influence

again, the light in the children’s room should be simple and safe to use. It is best to use the wall switch close to the window, so that it is convenient for children to turn on and off the light at night. There can be more lights in the children’s room. Older children can also design table lamps and bed lamps to facilitate children’s use at any time in different occasions

Children’s imagination can be enriched by the simple and novel shape of the table lamp. Finally, children’s imagination can be enriched by the simple and interesting shape of the lamp

Feng Shui believes that children are the development and hope of a family in the future. The lighting of children’s room should not only comply with science and conducive to children’s growth, but also comply with the way of Feng Shui, such as avoiding complicated stimulation caused by red lights, avoiding a solemn and dead feeling caused by pale lights, and so on

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