What are the taboos of placing knives in Feng Shui in the kitchen

Knives are an indispensable thing in the kitchen. Generally speaking, knives are relatively sharp and will also have a certain Feng Shui effect. If they are not properly placed, they will affect the Feng Shui environment in the kitchen. How should the knives be placed in the kitchen? What Feng Shui taboos will there be in the placement of kitchen knives

taboo 1: the knife should not be hung in the air

some people will like to hang the knife, so that the knife can be kept dry and easier to use. If it is hung in the air, it will be like a machete, which will suggest that bad things will happen at home. The sharp knife tip will affect the feelings between families, lead to discord, disputes and evil spirits for the feng shui of the whole kitchen, Affect kitchen Feng Shui. It is suggested that you should put the tool on the tool holder and put the tool tip towards the wall

taboo 2: avoid placing knives in the West

in kitchen Feng Shui, the West represents the white tiger position. In this position, you can’t place too many knives. Placing too many knives will increase the bad spirit of the whole family, reduce the fortune of the family, encounter many difficulties in life, and bad things will happen, so you must see the right direction when placing knives in the kitchen, Don’t put the knife in the west of the kitchen, so as not to affect your luck

taboo 3: avoid facing the stove with knives

Feng Shui believes that many items will have corresponding patrons, while grandpa Zaojun gains in the kitchen stove. Most of us maintain a very respectful attitude towards the gods, and we can’t offend the gods, otherwise we will get retribution. If the knife is facing the stove, it is pointing the tip of the knife at Grandpa Zaojun. This is very disrespectful and will have a bad impact on your family’s fortunes

taboo 4: avoid exposing knives

in life, we use knives to cut vegetables and meat. It seems to be very sharp. It belongs to a murder weapon in Feng Shui. If the knives are not properly collected after use, it is easy to form a prosperous situation in the kitchen, make the Yang in the kitchen too prosperous, and the yin-yang balance of the whole kitchen will be destroyed. The sword will also bring us evil spirits and affect the fortune between us and our family. On the other hand, it will also affect the feelings between our family members and lead to more discord. If the kitchen Feng Shui is not very good, the exposure of knives will increase the bad smell in the kitchen, which can be said to be fierce plus fierce. It is suggested that the cutting tools should be put away and put in the cupboard or on the tool holder, so that it will not have a bad impact on kitchen Feng Shui and is relatively safe

knife has two sides. It can facilitate people’s daily use. It also has some bad feng shui effects, and even has certain potential safety hazards. The kitchen is a place where many knives are placed, and the brake is relatively heavy, and the placement of knives will be very important

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