Which Feng Shui layout is easy to recruit villains

In life, there are always some small people who like to gossip. The appearance of these small people will have a great impact on themselves and family life. Therefore, we should try our best to prevent villains from committing crimes in our life, but sometimes villains may come to our house if our luck is bad or there are problems with Feng Shui in our house. Here we will talk about which indoor Feng Shui layout will attract villains

  1. The door to the bathroom

the bathroom is a relatively private room, so the general bathroom should be as secret as possible. However, if the design of the bathroom is facing the door, it is like displaying all the more private aspects of the home in front of others, so as to attract villains’ right and wrong. The right and wrong of some villains may not be enough to affect the root of family life, but it will bring some troubles and troubles to family life, so such a layout cannot appear

  2. Bathroom to bedroom

in the introduction to Feng Shui, the husband and wife bedroom master is healthy and harmonious, and the bedroom is also a relatively private place. However, if it is opposite to the bathroom and infected by the filthy gas in the bathroom, it will lead to the instability of my Feng Shui gas field, which will naturally attract some villains over time

  3. There are many windows in the study

if there are too many windows in the study, it will have some adverse effects on the owner’s career development, which is mainly reflected in villains. Such Feng Shui layout is easy to recruit villains in the workplace, and the emergence of these villains will also have a great impact on your career development. Therefore, only one window is needed at most in the study. Too many windows are not conducive to the storage of wind and gas in the study, which has a great impact on the owner’s career

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