How to decorate the study lamp

1. Adequate daylighting of the study is the primary condition of the study, so the study with sufficient natural light is the most auspicious. Therefore, the study should adopt large windows to allow sufficient light to enter. The curtain of the window should adopt lighter light colored curtain, which can not only let the light pass through, but also cover the interference outside the window, but also weaken the excessively strong sunlight

2. The lighting of the study should ensure that there is sufficient light in the study. Not only large windows should be set, but also some indoor lighting facilities should be installed. In addition to the necessary chandeliers and wall lamps, table lamps, bedside lamps and spotlights for bookcases are also necessary lamps in the study. Only in this way can it be really convenient for users to read, study and consult books

3. Fluorescent lamp is not used as the main lamp in the study. The light source of fluorescent lamp is unstable, and the flashing light is not conducive to learning. Fluorescent lamps are not suitable to span directly above the desk, which is easy to distract students and make office workers more right and wrong, so they can’t work at ease. The desk lamp can be floor type or desk type, but it should not be too close to people, so as to avoid the harm of strong light to human eyes. The light of other lamps should not be too strong

in addition, when it can make people comfortable, it is best to use milky white or light yellow for wall lamp and ceiling lamp, which can create a warm atmosphere

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