How to put the desk most auspicious

1. The desk is pasted on the wall. In order to save space, many people choose to put the desk on the wall, but this pattern is often easy to cause mental tension and make people uneasy. From the perspective of Feng Shui, this is because there needs to be some space in front of the desk as ” Mingtang, So as to receive gas into the Bureau

from the perspective of human science, this is because the human body has many parts that sense the gas field, and the brain wave radiation area of the back brain is one of the most sensitive parts. If the desk is placed on the wall, the range of human eyes is the wall, and they can’t capture the information, so they will turn their attention to the back of their head. Over time, it will consume a lot of energy, which will affect the efficiency of work and study. In serious cases, it will also affect health

2. The desk is back to the door

if the desk is back to the door, it is against the door. Such a position will make people distracted, distracted, grumpy and easy to argue with others. If the child sits in this position, it is easy for the child not to be loved by teachers and parents; If office workers sit in this position, it is easy to make them not appreciated by their superiors

3. How about the desk leaning against the glass curtain wall

in modern home, in order to create a sense of modernity, effectively use the narrow residential space and enhance the daylighting of the house, people often set up glass curtain wall at home. However, placing the desk against the glass curtain wall or placing the seat behind the glass curtain wall is a Feng Shui pattern that needs to be taboo, because this forms a pattern without backing behind, which will affect the development of career and financial luck. If there are children in school at home, studying in such a pattern of study will also have an adverse impact on their grades, which should be avoided

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