Restaurant decoration color Feng Shui taboo

In modern society, there are many types of decoration styles. Do you know the color of the decorated restaurant, Feng Shui? Let’s take a look at the following articles

restaurant decoration color Feng Shui

decoration restaurant color Feng Shui Daquan

Orange restaurant improves business luck

restaurant is the main place for family banquets. The dining process is pleasant and harmonious, which is conducive to improving your position in the eyes of others. Therefore, restaurant Feng Shui has an important impact on improving interpersonal relations and business luck. If you want to improve your interpersonal relationship from the restaurant, it is recommended to use hand-painted walls or wallpaper with orange flower patterns. Orange flower patterns can make it easy for people to talk even when they meet for the first time, so as to improve your interpersonal relationship. In addition, you can also consider using the warm color pattern as the wall of the restaurant, which can also play the same effect

enhance the color of the restaurant

some people will take their other half home to see their family or enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner at their home during the Spring Festival. At this time, Feng Shui in the restaurant plays an important role in promoting marriage. If you want to improve your good luck in a restaurant, it is recommended to use warm colors as the main color layout. For example, orange or yellow in warm colors can give people a warm and hospitable feeling. Such colors are used in restaurants and naturally enhance your good luck

restaurants with warm colors increase appetite

it is recommended to decorate the restaurant with warm colors, because the red system can stimulate the brain, resulting in strong saliva secretion and increased appetite. Nature is good for health. Or choose a neutral tone, which is also helpful for healthy exercise. On the contrary, if you choose a quiet color such as blue, it will inhibit your appetite to a certain extent and be harmful to your health

table color of good feng shui in the restaurant Feng Shui matching

at present, the color of the table can be said to be colorful, and the color can be selected according to the owner’s preference. But we must pay attention to the color of the dining table and pay attention to Feng Shui. When choosing the color of the dining table, it is best to cooperate with the five elements of the host, and it is appropriate to have the function of prosperity. How to cooperate, you can check:

five elements belong to gold

matching color: white, silver; grey Sheng Wang color: Brown, yellow

five elements wood

matching color: green, cyan; grey Vibrant color: black, gray

five elements belong to water

matching color: black, gray; grey Shengwang color: white, silver

five elements belong to fire

matching color: red, purple; grey Shengwang color: green, cyan

five element soil

matching color: Brown, yellow; grey Sheng Wang color: red, purple

table color generally pays attention to the selection of neutral colors in Feng Shui, such as natural wood color, coffee color, black and other stable colors are preferred. Try to avoid using too bright and dazzling colors. To change the color and style of the dining table, you can choose different tablecloths. For example, the simple Linen Tablecloth shows a traditional flavor, while the bright tablecloth can make people feel a cheerful and lively atmosphere

color matching of restaurant Feng Shui

it is best to use white, blue and red in restaurant decoration, not yellow; If the restaurant is cold, it will affect the mood of eating. The restaurant is a happy place for the family, so the choice of warm color symbolizes family harmony and happiness

the restaurant should be in the center of the house, and should not face the front door or the back door. If it is a duplex building, the restaurant should be upstairs, and the windows on the left and right walls of the restaurant can not be directly opposite. We should also pay attention to the problems in the pattern. The dining table should be round or arc angle to avoid some sharp table corners, symbolizing the unity of the family

decoration of Feng Shui in the hall

the decoration of the restaurant is very important for Feng Shui in the restaurant. The restaurant is the eating area, which is related to the wealth of the family. Restaurant color Feng Shui determines the energy it brings. Choose some bright decoration and bright lamps to increase energy

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