What are the disadvantages of Feng Shui in the study

1. The study is close to the toilet

the study is an auspicious feng shui located in Wenchang, and the toilet is the place where people excrete, which is a dirty place. If the study is close to the toilet, it will also have a dirty impact on Wenchang

2. Irregular study

the study is a part of the family environment. It should be integrated with other rooms and reveal a strong flavor of life. In modern houses, due to design defects, many houses will produce some irregular rooms. Such a room is generally small and cannot be used as a bedroom. In order not to waste space, most families choose to use it as a study. But this is not in line with the way of Feng Shui and will greatly damage people’s fortune

because of the irregular shape, it is easy to form sharp corners in these rooms, resulting in sharp corners and evil spirits, which cause psychological depression and can not make people easily put into work and study. In addition, it will also give people a sense of instability and distract people. So try not to make a study in an irregular room

3. There is a beam on the ceiling of the study

the top pressing of the beam is also a big taboo of the study pattern. Feng Shui believes that if the desk is placed under the beam, or people sit under the beam, it will lead to a decline in fortune, vulnerable to various difficulties, and seriously affect people’s mental state and physical health

in order to avoid the above adverse effects, ceiling can be used to block the ceiling when decorating the study. When the ceiling cannot be suspended, try to avoid the beam to place the desk and seat

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