Which color is the most suitable for the study

Feng Shui believes that the color of the room is closely related to the five elements. Matching the color with the law of the five elements can not only meet the requirements of Feng Shui, but also create a warm study environment

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among the five elements, white, gray and metallic colors belong to gold, black belongs to water, cyan and green belong to wood, red, purple and pink belong to fire, and yellow and coffee belong to soil. In the decoration of the study, do not use bright red, green or colorful miscellaneous collages, but should select the representative colors of five lines, and then match them according to the principles of wood fire, fire soil, earth gold, gold water and water wood. For example, if the ground uses a dark red solid wood floor and the five elements belong to fire, the wall of the study should be matched with the light yellow of the five elements belong to soil. Then, according to the principle of native gold, select the white gold for ceiling treatment. Generally speaking, setting the study in the north of water is an ideal choice

in addition, when decorating the study, you can choose white, sky blue, green and other colors, which is not only conducive to improving the effect of study and work, but also enhance your luck

how to decide the location of the study and who is the user of the study? This is the first thing to be determined before arranging the study. Only when the user is determined can the study be arranged according to the needs of the user

for students who are in the stage of entering a higher school, the key point is to create an ideal Wenchang position. If it is a room for children to study, it will be arranged according to the Wenchang position of children. The study and desk are arranged in Wenchang auspicious position, supplemented by appropriate supplementary transportation methods, which can naturally make the child clear headed. Focus and improve learning ability. If it is a study with studio nature, it should be located in the financial position. In addition, the direction of telephone and computer is also very important. The seats should be placed on the ideal divination, so as to create a good investment and wealth layout for themselves

people often think that the south is the most sunny location in the house, which also contains the meaning of art and literature. It should be very suitable for making a study. In fact, from the perspective of Feng Shui, the southern Yang is too strong, and reading and writing are activities that need calm thinking. If you choose this room as the study, it will interfere with people’s thinking and emotion

in addition, the southern position has the meaning of attachment and far dispersion. Staying in this study for a long time is easy to cause nervous system allergy, make people feel unstable and prone to fatigue

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