Let you in and out of the unsafe gate, Feng Shui taboo

Feng Shui at the door of the house accounts for 90% of the whole house Feng Shui. There is an old saying in Feng Shui: it’s better to build ten graves than build a door. Now we introduce the Feng Shui taboo that allows you to get in and out of the unsafe gate. Everyone should know that the gate is most afraid of poor acceptance of Qi, but is affected by evil Qi, and it is difficult for the house to prosper. The gate is the most external sign of the separation of internal and external space, that is, where the air vent is. The door of the house receives the breath of the outside world. It is the hub of vitality. There are a lot of dampness in front of the gate. Here are several common dampness that affect the feng shui of the gate

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Feng Shui taboo of the gate

1. Sharp angle brake: the damage caused by the sharp angle of the gate and the type brake of the gate

2. Chuanxin Sha: the gate is facing the corridor or passage, and its shape is like a sharp sword. If the depth of the interior of the house is less than the length of the corridor, the evil spirit is heavier

3. Stair brake: if the gate is facing the stairs, two different patterns will be formed. First, the opposite staircase is downward, and the wealth of the house is likely to flow downward; Another situation is that if you are facing the upward stairs, entering wealth is like climbing a mountain, which is also bad for wealth

4. Elevator brake: the door is facing the elevator and just makes an opening brake. The essence of the house is absorbed and scattered to other places between its opening and closing, resulting in health injuries to the personnel in the house

how to resolve the above Feng Shui evils

1. Set a screen behind the gate to recover the effect of changing the door, so as to avoid its evil edge and prevent the outflow of internal wealth

2. Large leaf plants such as fortune tree and money tree can also be placed in the door to prevent money leakage and dissolve the evil spirit coming straight from the door

3. Hang corresponding mascots. For example, it is appropriate to use Bagua convex mirror, Taishan stone dare, or dragon turtle and other town houses to resolve it

Feng Shui taboo of two opposite gates

two gates are relatively easy to be fierce

the two doors are relatively unlucky

two relatively unfavorable wealth

two schools of relative predicate and scold each other

two families cannot face each other, and one must return

don’t rush when you open the door. There must be a fierce company

two relative Feng Shui solution methods

1. Specific analysis of the actual situation of the two relative doors can be targeted to resolve

2. If two doors in one’s own home are opposite, or two doors in the same company are opposite, it is suggested that the two doors should be closed frequently, or the door curtain can be hung on the two doors, because hanging the door curtain will slow down the speed of air flow in and out of the two doors and achieve the effect of stable air flow

3. For the company or for the home, if there are two opposite doors after moving here, and it is found that the business and wealth are not good, the company personnel are not united, their health is damaged, and there are problems in their relationship and marriage, I’m afraid we need to investigate carefully in order to find the right medicine to solve the problem

in a word, in addition to the above-mentioned Feng Shui taboos of the gate, which should be clear and avoided, in addition, because the gate is the gateway to spit and absorb Qi of the house, the book says: it is appropriate to open auspicious and prosperous sides. However, it is difficult to change the modern urban residential portal. It can only be slightly moved or expanded according to the residential orientation, and the balcony can also be used as a supplement to the air outlet, but the gas of the gate should not go straight to the balcony. Gu Yun: it’s better to set up thousands of graves for others than to install a door for others

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