What about the location of Feng Shui in small family kitchen

The kitchen has always been an important place of Feng Shui in the home. How the feng shui of the kitchen has always had a serious impact on the home. After all, the quality of Feng Shui in the kitchen is lower than that of the home. Of course, we can’t ignore these related Feng Shui. In addition, small family kitchen Feng Shui also pays attention to a lot, and there are many Feng Shui matters in location and layout that we can’t ignore, So what about the location of Feng Shui in small family kitchens? Let’s see what the relevant articles say

  1. Northwest: the kitchen is located in Xuhai in the northwest. On the contrary, the dry direction in the northwest will blow the northwest wind and bring the kitchen heat indoors. Therefore, when the kitchen is located in the northwest, please pay attention to whether it is Xuhai square or dry square. This position is the position of the elders. Setting the kitchen here is not conducive to the fortunes of the elders

  2. The stove cannot be directly adjacent to the sink and refrigerator

the water vapor generated by the sink and refrigerator conflicts with the fire and gas of the gas stove, so the gas stove should not be close to the sink or refrigerator, and the two should not be connected. There should be a cooking table in the middle to avoid the collision between water and fire. Moreover, Feng Shui believes that the refrigerator also represents a place to store and gather money. Its nature is water. It is most afraid of fire attack, which is easy to cause family members’ health problems

  3. The stove cannot be placed under the beam

generally speaking, the top pressing of the beam is taboo in indoor space, and the stove is no exception. The beam pressing stove mainly affects the health of the family, especially the women in charge of cooking. If the furnace position cannot be changed, two bamboo flutes can be hung on the beam with a red rope to dissolve the evil spirit. Cooking utensils should not rush to the sharp corners of cabinets or tables, or face the stairs

  4. East or Southeast: the kitchen is located in the East for auspicious, the East for wood, wood makes fire, which is more suitable for setting up the kitchen. And in winter, especially in the north, the northwest wind often blows, which can bring the smell in the kitchen to the outside and keep the air circulation in the kitchen. For food storage, the temperature is relatively low in the sunny morning, and it is cool in the southeast or Southeast after noon, which can ensure comfort for a long time

  5. The kitchen door is facing the front door, back door and toilet door

the kitchen door is facing the front door, which is easy to form a hall evil, which is the most serious one of the hall evil. Kitchen door to back door, the inexplicable cost of money at home will be very serious. Kitchen door to toilet door will cause digestive system and financial damage

  6. Avoid cross beam pressure cooker in the kitchen

if there is a cross beam in the kitchen, there is no adverse effect in principle. However, the cross beam pressure stove will be unfavorable to those who often go in and out of the kitchen for cooking and poor health

the dining room should be located between the living room and the kitchen, in the center of the house. Such a layout can enhance the harmony between parents and children. The restaurant and kitchen should be located adjacent to each other to avoid too long distance and excessive meal time; The restaurant should not be located in the kitchen. Because the oil fume and heat in the kitchen are humid, people can’t eat happily when sitting in it; The kitchen floor should be flat and avoid being higher than the room in the house. The restaurant itself is best located in the south. In this way, under sufficient sunshine, the family road will flourish day by day. If the refrigerator is set in the restaurant, the best direction is north, not south

in fact, we all know the importance of Feng Shui to us. Because Feng Shui is related to our fortune, we can’t ignore some stress on Feng Shui. If we can understand how to arrange Feng Shui in the kitchen and the location of Feng Shui in the kitchen, it will also be convenient for us to build a good feng shui in the kitchen in the future. After all, creating a good feng shui in the kitchen can greatly improve the fortune of the home

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