How to see feng shui cracking in open kitchen

The open kitchen is deeply loved by people in today’s life. Many people like to decorate the open kitchen in their home. They think that such a kitchen is more beautiful and fashionable and more convenient for our home life. However, due to the difference between the open kitchen and the traditional kitchen, the stress of Feng Shui is also different. So how to see the Feng Shui crack of the open kitchen? Let’s see what the relevant articles say

first, what are the benefits of an open kitchen

the open kitchen makes the space more transparent and convenient. It not only saves space, but also decorates the overall sense of the whole house, giving people a beautiful and practical effect

the living decoration of modern people is mainly simple and modern style, which is more fashionable when matched with open kitchen. Especially for people in class I cities, due to the high house prices, the kitchen area of general house types will not be too large. Making an open kitchen can make the space larger visually and make better use of the space

2. Feng Shui in open kitchen: easy to gather Qi

there is a problem with open kitchen, that is, it is not easy to gather Qi. The traditional kitchen is closed, and Feng Shui circulation will continue to circulate. If it becomes open, the Qi gathering function of the kitchen itself will be easy to spread out, which is directly reflected in the fact that the air rushes to other areas and eventually disappears, which can be said to be a big problem, Because not gathering gas means that wealth is difficult to accumulate and popularity is not very prosperous

III. Influence of Feng Shui in open kitchen

the role of the kitchen itself is wealth, which depends on the closed Feng Shui circulation. Now it has become an open kitchen, and all the accumulated gas flows out, which can not form a strong smell of wealth. Moreover, if the stove or pool is close to the window, it is easy to leak wealth, and it may be invaded by evil spirit because of the open type, The accumulation of wealth is a further blow. Therefore, from the above points of view, Feng Shui in open kitchen is full of twists and turns and many problems

III. precautions for open kitchen

in the design of stove fire and pool in open kitchen, water and fire must be separated, preferably with ” L”; In this way, water and fire are not in the same straight line, which naturally avoids the restriction of water and fire, resolves the hidden dangers of gastrointestinal diseases, enhances personal physique, and is far away from the invasion of diseases

IV. decoration and dissolution of open kitchen

in the open kitchen, many people like to make a bar in the part connected between the kitchen and the living room. It is usually used as a dining table. When friends come, they mix some cocktails, which is quite exotic. It not only meets the psychology of young people, but also makes clever use of space

but from the perspective of Feng Shui, the bar will naturally be equipped with some drinks, and water means wealth, according to ” Wealth is not exposed ” ; According to the principle of Feng Shui, it’s best not to set up a bar

the decoration color is mainly yellow, beige and dark green, and the material is preferably stone, so as to make up for the deficiency

in order to make up for the lack of money leakage in the open kitchen, it is suggested that in the decoration color, the principle of the combination of five elements should be used, and the yellow and beige tones of the five elements should be used to generate gold, so as to attract money and gather money. Dali stone countertop itself belongs to earth in the five elements. It is also a combination of fire and earth to gather wealth and absorb gas

although the open kitchen is the most common kitchen nowadays, and people also prefer the open kitchen in home decoration, Feng Shui has always been something we can’t discard, so we can’t ignore the stress on the open kitchen in Feng Shui. After reading the above related articles, you must also understand the Feng Shui taboos and solutions of the open kitchen

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