Will the toilet be next to the kitchen Feng Shui

The kitchen is the place that needs to pay attention to hygiene most in the home, because the kitchen is the place where the family cooks the family’s food and is in charge of the family’s three meals a day. If it is not hygienic, it may affect the family’s health. Among them, the toilet is the place where dirt is hidden in the home, so the toilet and the kitchen should be kept away in essence. If the kitchen is adjacent to the toilet, it is not conducive to the family’s health, but everything needs to pay attention to Feng Shui, So in Feng Shui, how about analyzing the feng shui of the toilet next to the kitchen? Let’s see what the relevant articles say

I. if the door of the bathroom is facing the door of the kitchen, what should we pay attention to

first of all, we can’t let the foul air in the bathroom enter the kitchen, which will affect the healthy Feng Shui of the kitchen. If the oil fume from the kitchen enters the bathroom, it will disturb the feng shui of the bathroom and make us feel uncomfortable when we enter the bathroom. These two situations are prohibited in the feng shui of the bathroom facing the kitchen. So how can we solve this problem

first, we can close the doors of these two functional areas and do not open them when they are not in use, so as to avoid the damage of Feng Shui caused by the mutual channeling of air flow between them

Second, we can set curtains on the door of the kitchen or bathroom, which can not only change the evil effect, but also decorate the door, which also gives us a good mood

Third, it is the best way to place five emperor coins, six emperor coins or ten emperor coins in the Feng Shui in the bathroom facing the kitchen

2. The kitchen is a place in our home to ensure our health. A good kitchen Feng Shui can bring us a good mood and make people who cook in the kitchen have a comfortable mood. Only in this way can the food be more delicious and bring a healthy Feng Shui to the family. This is the knowledge we should know first in the Feng Shui between the bathroom and the kitchen

first of all, we have made clear the harm of Feng Shui in kitchen and toilet. If you have found this situation during decoration, you should block it and open another door. This also happens in real life, so we should avoid it

secondly, we need to see whether the toilet door is facing the kitchen door or next to the kitchen door, so we can solve it in different ways. The best way is to place a curtain on the kitchen door. This can play a role in blocking the evil Qi. There is also a way to dissolve this evil spirit by placing plants

finally, Fstips also wants to explain that no matter what Feng Shui is like in the kitchen and toilet, we will resolve it through Feng Shui orientation and five elements knowledge, so we can survey our home as soon as possible, make our home feng shui better and bring more Feng Shui transportation to our home people

III. principles of Feng Shui in kitchen and toilet

it is best to use transparent doors or translucent doors when decorating the kitchen, and the lighting should be sufficient. There is fire and water in the kitchen, which is the place most prone to safety accidents at home. Therefore, bright lights are the first element. The use of transparent, so that the cook can interact with the family in the living room, and can pay attention to the safety of children at any time

the kitchen roof height is kept at 220 ~ 240 cm, which can enable the range hood to function, so as not to cause oil smoke in the room. The table height of the flow management table should be determined according to the height of the user, and the height of the operation table should be determined according to ergonomics, so as to avoid bending and cantilever as far as possible. It is ideal to keep the moving line between gas stove (i.e. gas stove), suction tank and refrigerator within three steps

entering the kitchen also needs to pass through the door of the bathroom, which is very inappropriate, because the bathroom, as a place to hide filth, itself has a lot of evil spirit. People entering the kitchen after passing through the bathroom will bring this evil spirit into the kitchen, which will cause adverse health and bring problems to the health of their families

in fact, both from the perspective of hygiene and Feng Shui, kitchens and toilets should not be next to each other. After reading the above articles, I believe you have thoroughly understood the disadvantages of the proximity between kitchens and toilets. Therefore, when such a pattern appears in your home, you must resolve it in time, so as to avoid such bad feng shui affecting Feng Shui in your home and affecting your luck

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