What kind of Feng Shui is good on the TV cabinet

The living room is a place used to entertain guests at home. The beauty of this TV cabinet is very important in the living room. In addition to beauty, we should also pay attention to some moral meanings. From the perspective of Feng Shui, putting some plants and items on the TV cabinet in the living room can not only add vitality to the family, but also have the effect of transforming evil spirits. However, not all plants can be put here. It is best to choose the following when choosing

1. good luck is the first

good luck is the first. Pineapple plants bloom at the top or middle of the plant. The flowers of good luck are red and very festive. They can be used as new year’s Eve flowers during the Spring Festival

2. fortune tree

fortune tree is a very common potted plant. Its leaves are emerald and bright, like light and easy to feed. It should be maintained indoors, pay attention to ventilation and put it in the TV cabinet

3, Aesculus Aesculus

Aesculus Aesculus is relatively drought and cold resistant, with many branches. Its leaves are compound leaves, with long oval leaves, thin petioles, dark green, light yellow and green flowers, autumn and winter, red and yellow berries, and mature in spring

4, penglaisong

penglaisong, a perennial shrub, is evergreen all year round. It is suitable for potted viewing. It has simple management and good negative resistance. It is used as ornament on the TV cabinet, which has high ornamental ability

5, Fugui bamboo

Fugui bamboo is also known as ” Wannian Bamboo ” ;. It also has an auspicious name, ” Wealth ” ; Nature represents fortune. Its leaves are dark green, growing vigorously and growing well

Phyllostachys pubescens is widely cultivated and is generally used for pot culture. What is particularly worth mentioning is a variety from Taiwan. It is tower shaped, also known as ” Bamboo ” ;. Put it next to the TV, which is not only good-looking but also profitable

6, put the Chlorophytum

the charm of TV is that a family can sit together, discuss family strengths and weaknesses, communicate and exchange feelings, and create a warm and happy family atmosphere

if some Chlorophytum is placed above or on both sides of the TV wall, it not only has a very good decorative effect, but also can promote the harmony of environment and atmosphere, reduce family conflicts and protect eyes. Home and everything prosper, which is also to prosper wealth from another angle

7, put kumquat

kumquat, ” Orange ” ; Homophonic is auspicious, ” Gold ” ; That is wealth, which is also in line with the moral of our prosperous house

kumquat is placed next to the TV, which has a ” Geely ” ” Icing on the cake ” ; Such meaning also has the merit of Attracting Wealth and flourishing the house. It is a good way of auspicious and prosperous transportation

The thick and smooth leaves of Clivia stand upright like a sword, symbolizing the noble character of strong and resolute, strong and unyielding

moreover, according to folklore, Clivia can report good news. If something good is coming, Clivia can bloom in advance. Therefore, in geomantic omen, Clivia can control houses and make money

9, put Anthurium andraeanum

the leaves of Anthurium andraeanum are green and thick, and the flowers are large and bright red. It not only has high viewing value, but also has the merit of Attracting Wealth and blessing when placed next to the TV. It is very suitable to be placed next to the TV

10, put the fortune tree

the first name of the fortune tree is very in line with the intention of Attracting Wealth and our Chinese preference for flattery

the meaning of fortune tree is also very auspicious. In Feng Shui, it means to attract wealth and prosperity, which can bring wealth and happiness to the family. Therefore, fortune tree is very suitable to be placed next to TV. It is highly ornamental and auspicious

11, put good luck first

good luck first, formerly known as Fengli flower, its most obvious feature is that its leaves are green, while the flowers are bright red, auspicious and noble. The flowers have been standing at the top, so it is known as good luck first

feng shui ornaments of TV cabinet

1. Yin Yang eight trigrams

Yin Yang eight trigrams have been extended to the present for a long time in Chinese history. In ancient times, in fact, Yin Yang eight trigrams were used to regulate Yin Yang climate, but in modern times, Yin Yang eight trigrams can not only bring people a certain decorative effect, but also bring people a psychological auxiliary effect, So now it is also a more useful Feng Shui ornament. It is also very suitable to put it on the TV cabinet at home

2, sailboat

many families have sailboats as ornaments, so sailboat ornaments are also the most well-known feng shui ornaments among modern people. It also represents a very profound meaning, has the meaning of smooth sailing, and can also show a sense of grandeur. It is a Feng Shui ornament with good meaning at home and can be placed on the TV cabinet

3, Aquarius

the implication of placing a vase on the TV cabinet is also very good, because the placed vase can create an ideal and harmonious living atmosphere, and the analysis of the vase in Feng Shui can also bring a very favorable omen for Feng Shui at home. It is one of the rare and meaningful ornaments at home

4, Golden Toad

a very exquisite Golden Toad will be placed on the TV cabinet in many homes. In fact, the Golden Toad symbolizes wealth. In Feng Shui, it can bring a booming quality of life and exuberant wealth to the family, and the Golden Toad also plays a very important decorative role in decoration

5, aquarium

many people also like to place an aquarium on the TV cabinet in their homes. In fact, this is also beneficial to Feng Shui. However, the aquarium placed on the TV cabinet has some feng shui knowledge. The aquarium should be placed on the side of the cabinet head close to the window, and the area of the aquarium should not be too large. It’s better to have a rectangular shape. In addition, they also pay attention to the fish breeds raised inside, It is suggested to choose to raise some ferocious fish, which can play a certain role in blocking evil spirits

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