What color is better for the wall of the porch

Because the porch area is small, the wall can be seen when you enter the door, which is close to people’s visual distance. It is generally built as a background. The color of the wall should be coordinated with the color of the porch. The wall spacing of the porch, whether wood, wall brick or stone, should follow the principle of light at the top and deep at the bottom in color design

the wall color of the porch should also match with the interval. The dark color should not be used in the shallow place, but the light color should be used in the deep place. It should be consistent in tone, and there should be a certain transition as the color of the interval

special decoration can be carried out on the theme wall, such as hanging paintings or drawing watercolors, or making a decoration table, or using wood grain decoration. No matter how the decoration is, it should comply with the principle of simplicity, because in terms of home feng shui, the porch should ensure the smoothness of air to facilitate transportation, and the wall should not use uneven materials, but should be kept smooth

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