How to avoid kitchen Feng Shui taboo

  ” Open the door to the stove and waste more money ” , Knowing the taboo of Feng Shui in the kitchen and being a happy housewife, now the dining environment outside is bad, and you have plenty of clothes and food by yourself. When you are three or five, you can get a small dish and drink a small wine. You can live in a world of two and a family of three

the location of the kitchen should be selected properly: do not face the door and the bathroom door

the fire mouth of the stove is in a straight line with the door, so that there is punishment. In this case, the family’s wealth is not good, it is suspected of breaking money, and it will damage their health. To take a step back, even if the kitchen door is in a straight line with the stove, it is unlucky. In addition, the kitchen door should not be directly facing the toilet door. The kitchen, as the source of a family’s large and small stomachs, must be lucky, while the toilet is an unclean place. Moreover, the kitchen represents fire and the toilet represents water. Water and fire are incompatible, which will lead to husband and wife disharmony and family unrest. The kitchen is a place for cooking food, while the toilet is easy to nourish bacteria and dirt. If the two are relative, it will affect the hygiene and damage the health of the family. If your kitchen is unlucky, don’t worry. We can set up a barrier between the kitchen and the bathroom or the door, such as decorating a screen, which can alleviate some bad effects caused by the poor location of the kitchen. We still have a lot of money

if the kitchen wants to attract money, remember: the blade is not leaking, the refrigerator is full, and the ground cannot be too high

first, if you want to attract money, the refrigerator cannot be empty, and the rice jar should be filled at any time, symbolizing that there is no danger of food and clothing at home. Putting three coins in red envelopes and putting them into a rice jar also has the effect of attracting wealth. Secondly, all kinds of kitchen knives or fruit knives in the kitchen should not be hung on the wall or inserted on the knife holder. They should be put in the drawer and put away. Finally, the floor of the kitchen should not be higher than the floor of the hall and room. On the one hand, it can prevent the backflow of sewage; Secondly, due to the difference between primary and secondary, the kitchen should not be above the hall and room; Again, from the kitchen into the hall to serve food, should rise step by step, on the contrary, there is the risk of returning money

pay attention to the location of the stove: under the beam and near the sink

generally speaking, the top pressing of the beam is taboo in the indoor space, and the stove is no exception. The stove cannot be placed under the beam. The beam presses the stove, which mainly affects the health of the family, especially the women in charge of cooking. If the furnace position cannot be changed, two bamboo flutes can be hung on the beam with a red rope to dissolve the evil spirit. Cooking utensils should not rush to the sharp corners of cabinets or tables, or face the stairs

in Feng Shui, the five elements are mutually exclusive. The water vapor generated by the sink conflicts with the fire gas of the gas stove, so the stove or gas stove cannot be opposed to the sink or refrigerator. In addition, the gas stove shall not be close to the water tank. The stove should not be independent in the center of the kitchen, because the fire in the center of the kitchen is too strong, which will lead to the loss of family harmony

placing some plants in the kitchen can not only purify the air, improve the mood of people in the kitchen, so that you can make good cuisine, but also boost the feng shui of the kitchen and increase wealth. The kitchen is located in the south, and placing foliage plants is helpful to save. The kitchen is located in the south. It is affected by the strong red sun. It will unconsciously have the tendency to spend money indiscriminately. Foliage value can alleviate the solar atmosphere, reduce the tendency to spend money indiscriminately, and help save. The kitchen is located in the East, which is Daji. If it is in other directions, you can put safflowers on the table and near the refrigerator, which is conducive to maintaining your health

the kitchen is located in the West. Golden flowers, daffodils and three color violets are placed beside the window, which can not only block the evil atmosphere of the sunset, but also bring wealth. When the kitchen is located in the north, pink and orange flowers can add vitality to the room

the kitchen is a place for food cooking and prosperity. Good feng shui in the kitchen can also help the master, so that the more he lives, the better his luck. Many families will connect the kitchen and toilet together. When going in and out of the toilet, go through the kitchen first and then go to the toilet. This is unlucky in Feng Shui, which will lead to many diseases of the family. Feng Shui is taboo in the kitchen. You must not miss it when you get married and start a business

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