What problems do children need to pay attention to

Feng Shui believes that electrical appliances will bring bad atmosphere, and the use of electrical appliances will cause certain dangers. When used, it will also produce some radiation harmful to human body. Therefore, in children’s bedrooms, it is best not to place televisions, video recorders, computers, stereos and other electrical appliances that are unfavorable to children

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the power consumption of children’s room needs to be treated with caution. In order to ensure the safety of children, the socket in the children’s room must be installed where children can’t touch. It’s best to choose the socket with cover. In addition, the lamps in the children’s room must be special for children. The wires should not be placed at will and should be fixed on the wall. In addition, a set of bell monitoring system, such as video monitor or alarm, is installed in the children’s room to help monitor the safety of children

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