How should Feng Shui layout in the living room

The living room is the main part of a house. The layout of the living room should not only make the whole house look beautiful, but also pay attention to Feng Shui. The layout in line with Feng Shui is easier to bring good luck to the owner

first of all, the four directions of the living room have their specific meanings. The north is the representative of business fortune. The five elements belong to water. It is better to put some black or blue water related items in this place, which is more conducive to business prosperity; The south is the representative of fame and fortune. The five elements belong to fire. It’s best to put some red items; The East is healthy, you can put some green things, such as potted plants, which is beneficial to the health of your family; The west is the direction of future generations’ fortune. You can put some white or colored decorations

secondly, the living room cannot face the kitchen. Many people may think that the kitchen is facing the living room will be very convenient. In fact, from the perspective of home feng shui, it does great harm. Because the kitchen is fire, the usual cooking environment is very noisy and the atmosphere is chaotic. This atmosphere is easy to enter the living room, which will destroy the luck of the family. If the home is in this pattern, the kitchen and the living room can be separated by cutting, so as to prevent the air flow from the kitchen from entering the living room, or install long-term lights in the living room to keep the living room Yang vigorous

Third, the living room is the face of a family and where it is angry. A clean and tidy living room environment will bring people a good mood. A chaotic living room is like impurities in human blood, which will bring people bad luck. When arranging the living room, we must follow the principle of simplicity and convenience. Try not to put the storage box and furniture in the living room, but only put some necessary items, such as tea cups and remote controls. It is best to have a special storage box

in addition, the living room faces the front door, with men’s position on the left and women’s position on the right. When arranging the living room, if there are too many items on the right, it will aggravate the women’s aura and turn the husband into ” Henpecked ” , Too high a building on the right will have the same effect

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