Feng shui clock rules

Feng shui rules-Clock arrangement rules. What does feng shui means?  The major theory of Feng shui is the harmonic between human and environment. Human and environment could influence each other. Human could change the environment, the environment also influence the human. Even personal wealth, promotion and family can be affected by environment.  The environment shall be air, water, sunshine, cloud, river earth, house, road and other. Also including unseen elements. Feng shui is the principle used to choose, modify and arrangement of living environment such as bed or desk’s direction and location to balance Yin ” Yang to get harmonic.  So there are many things you can do to get better living environment for harmonic. Today we will talk about the clock arrangement per Feng shui rules.

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  1. The clock could help us inspire the feng shui energy. the location of the clock is very important. we shall place the clock according to the material and colors of the clock. CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE INFORMATION
  2. Dot no place too many clocks in the house. It is enough for each room with one clock. Clock is behalf of Qian, as the commander leading all the things. If there are too many clocks, this will cause to unstable environment (Chi), the people who live in the room with too many clocks will be caprice and get more trouble. Even one small clock is enough for one room. Remember that one main clock is enough for the house..
  3. According to the location of the clock to choose the shape of clock: Sleeping room should be quiet and peaceful. So the square shape will be better. Because square shape clock looks like more stable so this can create one peaceful environment.
    feng shui clock rules
    feng shui clock rules

    Living room shall be more active. So “qian”round shape clock shall be the better choice.

    feng shui clock rule
    feng shui clock rule
  4. You need place one round shape clock in your Office room. It is behalf of movement and flow. It means the business will be more active. Host will get more wealth or promotion.

    clock feng shui
    clock feng shui
  5. If the room space is small, you should not place one heavy clock. The large clock will host the room and the sound of the clock will cause terrible feelings. Because when you live a small and quiet room what you can hear is only the clock sounds. You will feel uncomfortable.
  6. Do not place the clock against the door and windows. The Chinese name of Clock is “zhong 钟” the same pronunciation with another word (zhong 终) “终” means terminal and end. So if you place the clock against the door and windows, whenever you enter from the door, you will see the clock. You will feel short of time cause you anxious.
  7. Do not place the clock so high that you have to strain your neck to see them. To experience a greater sense of ease, control, and be in the flow of life, hang the clock at eye level. Otherwise, time and a balanced existence is always out of reach.

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