Does feng shui works?

Does feng shui works? A lot of people ask the same questions. It is hard to answer this question. If you learn more Feng shui theory and history about feng shui. You could find some useful information and get your own answer. But some people said that I follow feng shui rules to arrange the house and office. But it does not work. I think there are some reasons that feng shui does not work.

  1. You did not fully understand feng shui theory and principle, if you do not understand feng shui principle and feng shui definition. Only the feng shui rules, it is not enough for you to get the true feng shui life.
  2. As Chinese feng shui more popular than before, a lot of Americans and people who live in other region interested in Feng shui. So the feng shui rules or feng shui term and feng shui principle had been translated to many language versions. In fact, in china many feng shui masters dose not learn English, So a lot of article was translated by someone who do not truly understand the feng shui principle. So feng shui just be translated according to the word means, it is not feng shui meanings. So we are working on this, our team member are learning about the feng shui definition and feng shui rules and feng shui principle to understand feng shui deeply. Then translate feng shui to English version. We try our best to summarize and make it understand easily.
  3. You also need to do hard work and do more physical training and care your family to get wealth, promotion and your health. Following the Feng shui rules you could get better environment, you will get your health, wealth easily.

 Although there are many people do not believe feng shui. But feng shui exsit so many years, it can be track back to 5000 years ago. All the feng shui rules and feng shui principle was accumulated for thousand years society and science development. It just shows unseen science aspect. So if you implement feng shui principle and feng shui rules properly, you will benefit from feng shui. Good luck!

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