What should we pay attention to in the decoration and layout of stairs

The indoor staircase is like our heart and blood vessels. It is the main hub of feng shui through all floors. The location, shape and color of stairs are not only related to convenience and beauty, the integrity and continuity of moving lines, but also have a direct or indirect impact on the prosperity of the family, the accumulation of money and the health of the family. Briefly speaking, according to the principle of Feng Shui, the indoor stairs cannot directly face the door, the internal doors and the waterway. For example, the corridor, living room and door cannot directly look at the stairs, so these layouts should be avoided in the home decoration design

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① in the decoration design, the stairs should be in the auspicious side, that is, the direction where the air flow can be transmitted. The setting of stair orientation directly affects the air field distribution of the whole building. Therefore, its location has some positive or negative influence on everyone’s body, mind and journey in the house. In fact, many people are very concerned about the good and bad luck of kitchens, toilets, bedrooms, doors, windows, internal and external shape and Qi regulation, but ignore the importance of stairs to the home environment and its good and bad influence. The staircase is the main air outlet through the upper and lower floors. If the stairs are located in the Jifang of Qi regulation, all rooms on the whole floor will benefit. Therefore, feng shui will require the stairs to be set in a prosperous direction

② in the decoration design, the stairs should be kept away from the kitchen, toilet, dressing room and windows facing the outside. In fact, it is not only the feng shui of bungalow houses that is related to the design of stairs; In multi-storey houses, the gates of some residential units face ” Fire stairs ” ; , the good and bad luck of these residential units will also be affected ” ; Fire stairs ” ; The impact of. Because, conceptually, these ” Fire stairs ” ; It can also be regarded as a water inlet or air outlet, and there will be people going in and out and walking; If it forms a form of Trident nozzle with the public corridor in front of the house, and it is auspicious to the door of a residential unit in terms of Qi, the better the unit will be; If he is fierce in reason and Qi, he will be fierce and even worse

③ if you want to handle the indoor stairs well, you must also deal with the porch Feng Shui during decoration. Modern staircase design is mostly to set a porch after entering the door, and the staircase is set next to it; In this way, you won’t see the stairway when you enter the door. In terms of Yangzhai family philology, it is an auspicious phenomenon that there is no stairway at the entrance, the stairway is not facing the door, and the stairway is facing indoors. Stairs also have auspicious signs. For example, the stairs go down from the top floor to the front of a house in the house, and cooperate with the auspicious position of Qi. We will call this setting the situation of the lower Hall of the dragon building layer by layer, which is very auspicious. It is known that the stairs have no good or bad luck. They only drive the Qi up and down, and the pattern of good or bad luck depends on whether it is set properly or not

④ decoration style of stairs. For the convenience of household life, two stairs are set up in the front and back of some houses because of their deep and long length, one in the front half and the other in the back half; Or one is inside the house and the other is outside the house; In addition, whether the stairs are rotary or double folding is also very important, which can be determined according to the indoor orientation

the above briefly analyzes the decoration Feng Shui of indoor stairs. In real life, stairs do affect the indoor decoration style and atmosphere to a great extent, as well as the overall family Feng Shui environment. Feng Shui pays attention to both wind and water. The staircase is mainly reflected in the circulation of air; Therefore, it is very important in indoor circulation. In order to achieve the purpose of gathering Qi and nourishing qi, the slope of stairs should be as small as possible when decorating stairs. If the space is large, broken line stairs with rest platform can be used

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