How to solve the bad feng shui caused by excessive Yin in the toilet

Because the toilet, that is, the water of the five elements in the toilet is relatively strong, and it is the easiest place to hide dirt in the home, it has always been regarded as a place with strong Yin Qi in home feng shui. If you want to ensure the stability of Feng Shui in the whole house, you must first ensure that there is no very bad feng shui condition in the bathroom. This is why we should pay attention to the shape and position of the toilet door, because the door has a great impact on the Feng Shui in the toilet. So how to resolve the excessive Yin Qi in the toilet

ensure ventilation and light

although the toilet is a personal privacy space, it still needs to have stable light. The windows in the toilet do not need to be opened too large or in a relatively low position, but they must have excellent masking effect and can perfectly block the external things when they are not open. Nowadays, the design of toilet windows is quite exquisite, and there is basically no situation that you can see the inside from the outside. In addition, we must pay attention to ventilation. We must not have poor ventilation in the toilet

the position of the gate should be appropriate

first, the position of the gate should be correct. It can not be opposite to the kitchen door or the gate of the house itself because of the incorrect position, so as to form a shock. This will be a devastating blow to Feng Shui in the toilet and must be avoided. The second is that the opening direction should conform to the feng shui of the whole house, which can be seen from the perspective of bazhai Feng Shui or Flying Star Feng Shui

green plants can be placed

placing green plants in the bathroom can help to dissolve the excessive vigorous water of the five elements. Because plants are trees and there is the saying of aquatic trees in the five elements, placing some green plants in the bathroom can play a good effect of stabilizing Feng Shui

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