How to arrange Wenchang seats

Wenchang also pays attention to the layout of Feng Shui

first of all, Wenchang must be ventilated and well lit. It is best to put some green plants on the desk, which can not only freshen the air, but also increase vitality

secondly, the desk should not face the door or window, let alone the window, otherwise it is easy to produce evil spirit

thirdly, pay attention to the quiet and tidy environment in Wenchang, and stay away from noisy household appliances, toilets, dustbins and other unclean places or articles

finally, there are some ways to increase Wenchang transportation. For example, on the first day of the lunar new year every year, we worship Wenchang, and the offerings are four onions and one celery wrapped in red paper, which can enhance literary grace. Of course, you can also place brushes and ” Literary beast ” ; And so on, which is also conducive to improving Wenchang transportation

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