How to install lights in the porch

According to Feng Shui, light can lead to wealth and prosperity. Therefore, in order to promote wealth and bring money into the house, we must first ensure that the lights in the porch are bright, and the lights in the porch should be lit frequently

if it cannot be lit every day, at least it should be lit on weekends and the first day of each month, and it should be lit all the time from the 30th to the fifth day of the lunar new year. In this way, it is conducive to attracting the presence of the God of wealth. If you move a new house, lighting the lights in the porch for a week can play the role of transforming evil spirits and expelling evil spirits

since there are generally no daylighting windows in the porch, artificial lighting can only be used. Incandescent lamps, ceiling lamps and wall lamps are usually used, and fluorescent lamps should not be used, because fluorescent lamps will be dazzling in the narrow porch

the number of porch lights is also exquisite. According to the Hetu Luoshu, it is lucky to install three, four and nine lights. One lamp can have three, four and nine lamp caps, which can achieve the effect of prosperity

how to use the false ceiling to dissolve the crossbeam of the porch? The crossbeam belongs to the earth. According to the five elements, wood can conquer the earth. Therefore, the false ceiling can be used to cover the crossbeam to restrain its evil spirit. However, the color of the wooden ceiling used to block the beam is also different for the doors with different sitting directions

if the gate faces east, the ceiling color should be gray

when the gate faces southeast, the ceiling color should be light blue

the gate is to the south, and the lake water should be blue

the gate faces southwest and northeast, preferably sky blue

the gate faces west, and apricot white is suitable

the gate faces northwest and North, and gray is appropriate

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