How to decorate the house from northeast to southwest

In the five elements, the buildings from northeast to southwest belong to ” Homestead “, The nature of soil is thick and broad, which can breed all things. At this time, the layout of the office should give people a sense of generosity and compactness. On the contrary, if it is narrow and crowded, although it is harmless at the beginning, it will hinder the continuation of good fortune for a long time, the cause can not be eaten, and there will be a phenomenon of subsequent weakness. The generous and thick office contains the root of planting trees, which can make the person in charge’s career develop and thrive in stability. If it is a retail industry, it is better to have an independent entrance facing the southwest in appearance, which is more helpful for employees to be pragmatic

of course, if you want the company to pay more attention to business, you’d better set the entrance in the south. In terms of interior decoration, black objects and yellow walls are better, especially in the interior of the building near the south, southwest, West, northeast and northwest. Orange will bring more masculinity, while brownish yellow will appear more yin

in order to enhance this effect, red floor can be paved. Soft natural color floors will be more feminine, natural material furniture or small metal furniture will make the interior look richer, and cloth curtains or fiber shutters are also better. Lower lines and longer vertical objects are better. Incandescent light emitted from top to bottom is a better choice for lighting. You can also choose low and outward extending plants indoors

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