How to decorate the kitchen when decorating the house

In geomantic omen, it is believed that there are three points that have the greatest impact on the whole residential geomantic omen: kitchen, bedroom and door. These three points are also known as ” “Three requirements for a public house”, Therefore, you must pay attention to Feng Shui in the kitchen. When decorating the house, we must not violate the Feng Shui taboo of the kitchen, otherwise it will not only affect the health of the family, but also have a certain adverse impact on the wealth of the family

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so here we will introduce some Feng Shui problems that should be paid attention to when decorating the kitchen, and see how the kitchen should be decorated, feng shui will be better

how to decorate the kitchen when decorating the house? Kitchen decoration Feng Shui

1. The kitchen should not be too close to the bathroom. From the perspective of Feng Shui five elements, the five elements of the kitchen belong to fire, while the five elements of the bathroom are the main water. Therefore, if they are too close, it will inevitably lead to water and fire intolerance, which is easy to disturb the residential Feng Shui atmosphere and is unfavorable to the family’s luck. Moreover, the filthy gas in the bathroom is heavy. If the two are close, the filthy gas in the bathroom will enter the kitchen, which will lead to the damage of kitchen Feng Shui and seriously affect the health of family members

2. The kitchen door cannot be arched, because the shape of the arch is similar to the tombstone, so if the kitchen door is arched, it will attract tombstone evil spirits and adversely affect the health of the family. The door of the kitchen should adopt a square shape as far as possible. The square shape can stabilize the Feng Shui gas field and avoid the disorder of the gas field in the kitchen

3. Don’t hang a mirror in the kitchen, because the mirror can refract the gas field. Especially when the mirror is facing the stove, it will seriously damage the wealth and health of the family. The stove is the most important utensil in the kitchen, so its geomantic omen is very important. On the one hand, it can make a fortune, on the other hand, it will affect the health and fortune of the family. Therefore, the geomantic omen of the stove must not be damaged

of course, there are still many things to pay attention to about Feng Shui in kitchen decoration. I won’t introduce them to you one by one here

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