What are the Feng Shui taboos in the bedroom

Many people can’t ask for a son. They are worried and even helpless. At this time, you can find the reason from the Feng Shui in the bedroom

there are many geomantic aspects of Qiuzi bedroom. The following situations should be avoided:

(1) there is no barrier at the door. The ancients would set a threshold in the bedroom, thinking that this could keep the fetal Qi. Now they can shop carpets at the door, which can also play the same role

(2) there are two external doors. The bedroom can only have one external door. If there are two external doors, it will make it difficult for the couple to conceive

(3) insufficient sunshine. In ancient times, Hou yangzhaixue believed that only when the bedroom sees the sun can it reconcile Yin and Yang, and couples are easy to have sons

(4) improper direction of bedside. Feng Shui believes that a couple’s anger with their bedside facing men is easy to have children. Men can determine the angry side according to the zodiac. Generally, the angry side of pigs, dogs and sheep is the East, the angry side of tigers, horses and dogs is the south, the angry side of snakes, chickens and cattle is the west, and the angry side of monkey, mouse and dragon is the North

(5) place fish tanks and mirrors. If the aquarium is too wet, it will lead to imbalance of yin and Yang and difficult to conceive; The mirror will drive away fetal Qi and make men exhaust their essence

(6) bedside pendulum. Radio, mobile phone and other electrical appliances will interfere with the magnetic field, affect the couple’s normal work and rest, and make it difficult for the couple to conceive

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